Prosperity and Qigong Breathing: How Breathing Techniques Are Transforming the Business World

We live within a universe created by the MIND of the Original Intelligence. Within this universe, the forces that our mind emits attract people and ideas. Each of us attracts good energies or attracts negative energies. These energies come primarily in the form of external people and creative ideas. And while the economy may be in a recession, I submit that it is simply readjusting the VALUE that people place on things. New businesses will be created that will thrive in the new economy as long as people add value.

Your life story comes down to WHO you attracted and WHAT IDEAS you had. My idea of ​​starting a Qigong Center was perceived as the worst business decision by practically everyone in my family. When I was 20 years old I experienced BREATH EMPOWERMENT for the first time. My whole body vibrated… as if I had a car engine humming inside my belly. Soon I found myself gently vibrating all the time and I could see the emanations of energy from other people around me. The profound biological/spiritual transformation I received from Qigong Breathing has guided my business for 12 years. It has become a huge success and it was all based on meeting the right people and having the right ideas.

“Qigong can help increase your business,” I told a corporate executive who called me to see if we could work together. I was visiting my house dressed in business clothes and carrying a briefcase and within 2 minutes we were sitting cross-legged on my tatami mats. I told him to put his worries behind him for 5 minutes, but he doubted his ability to feel anything and started warning me that he never feels exercises like these. I love a challenge so I taught her the Nine Breaths method and within 2 minutes the headache she had was gone, her sinuses fully opened and… she felt the pulsing and vibrating inside her abdomen. We practice the technique just a few more times and then begin our business meeting. That meeting was charged with a level of ENERGY and HIGH CONSCIOUSNESS that was evident to both of them. She agreed afterward that Qigong was a great tool to be respected.

Breath empowerment is another tool we teach at our Qigong events. Offer freedom from the things in your life that have been holding you back. This exercise fills the body with so much energy that a healing electrical force circulates between all your bones and muscles. Negative ideas and emotions are exhaled when the body enters a natural state of ecstasy. Qigong teaches the true skills of power breathing, depressing the energy field and increasing the flow of Qi to such a degree that it totally transforms bodily function and restores higher self awareness, which I refer to as SHEN Awareness.

SHEN awareness is the level where we know the best options and act accordingly. It’s the level of the Jedi who jumps out of the ship and lands 3,000 feet below on a narrow ledge to safety. Qigong is being skillful like a Jedi and harnessing the energy around us, but really. Not like a Jedi in a movie, but in real life. I think that’s what really surprises people: this level of energy is REAL and ACCESSIBLE. Who doesn’t want to be a more powerful human being? Qi is directly related to prosperity because money is energy and it takes energy to make money. The fact that Qigong is so directly involved in energy work increases our ability to deliver the VALUE people and businesses are looking for.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Qigong is the GROUP ENERGY when many people come together to practice. We did an event with 1800 people gathered for 4 straight days of Qigong. It was beyond anything I could have prepared myself for. The Qi energy of so many people doing Qigong floated in the air like a cosmic mist. No practice on my own could compare to the beauty of practicing with so many at once. So many healings took place at that particular event. I wish they would happen more often.

QI REVOLUTION is the event name of our creative team coined to describe a rapidly moving process. Business leaders are aware that they must help employees cope with increasing levels of stress that sap energy and reduce productivity. Even massage therapists and acupuncturists are taught in their studies to keep their own Qi strong so that they can stay healthy while working with so many patients. Every day more people hear how Qi is a powerful tool in both health and business.

My face broke into an uncontrollable smile when I saw Dr. Christiane Northrup on the Oprah Winfrey show leading a Qigong exercise to the audience. She was mentoring a woman who lost her sex drive after a hysterectomy. Essentially, she told the woman that her “navel center” had a latent energy that could be increased and bring back her sexual desire. Another Oprah Winfrey superstar, Dr. Mehmet Oz, said, “If you want to live to be 100… do Qigong.”

When people first do Qigong breathing exercises like the Nine Breaths Method, they usually report a gentle vibration and buzzing sensation in their navel along with mild electricity and heat. According to thousands of hand-picked testimonials we’ve received, Qi also eliminates body aches and generates bursts of joy and creative inspiration. But HOW does Qigong do this on a biological level?

According to Chinese Medicine, “Qi” is the main force behind our blood circulation. When people practice Qigong, it immediately improves microcirculation in the brain, vital organs, intestines, endocrine glands, and moves blood into microcirculation pathways that most people are unaware of. This increase in Qi or blood flow leads to the accumulation of what Chinese Medicine calls “Jing” or special fluids (hormones). This leads to increased sexual desire, higher levels of growth hormone secretion, and extraordinary muscular endurance. It may be the most powerful form of exercise to unlock human potential.

Currently, more than 200 million people practice Qigong around the world, but this was not always the case. A long kept secret, Qigong was rarely taught outside of family lines and royalty in China. Qigong has been passed down for thousands of years from father to son. It was used by the military to build up the body’s stamina and many Qigong practitioners have been documented to show profound anti-aging effects, often looking decades younger than their actual age. Some also possess an incredible ability to heal other people. In particular, Qigong is used to improve digestion, strengthen blood circulation, maintain a strong immune system, and generally extend lifespan.

The Nine Breaths Method HEALING CIRCLE is often the peak Qi Energy experience anyone has ever had, including veteran qigong practitioners. Last year in Orlando, even newcomers and skeptics were buzzing from head to toe. Energy moved through our arms like electricity as we sent healing prayers to our families, loved ones, and countries around the world in need. Many people wrote to tell us about miraculous healings for people they prayed for as the energy moved through them.

This year’s 2011 national event in Orlando will have a special space in the Circle of Nine Breaths to manifest abundance and prosperity. The new Nine Breathing Circle format still maintains its primary focus on sharing and healing, but also harnesses GROUP ENERGY to increase our vibrational attraction to money and remove scarcity consciousness from our hearts/minds. Really the economy is just healing itself from values ​​that weren’t sustainable and I think those who keep a high enough vibration will continue to attract the right ideas and the right people to be successful in business.

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