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The heart of Tuscany in your own kitchen

Do you want your kitchen to have a Tuscan theme, but have no idea where to start? Thinking of a Tuscan-style kitchen usually creates images of dark colors and cozy furnishings in your mind. Whether you are decorating on a budget or not, you can easily have this kitchen style and it will not take you long to achieve.

Redecorating can be managed at minimal cost, as many of the things you’ll use for this decorating style can be found at flea markets and discount stores. You can create a kitchen that looks like you’ve spent a fortune on a shoestring budget, and your guests will love the warm and inviting atmosphere they experience when they walk into your kitchen.

Dark colors add atmosphere and ambience.

To create a Tuscan-style kitchen, you’ll want to use dark-toned colors on the cabinets, walls, and accents. Terracotta, deep reds and rich browns offer a look that is warm, relaxing and totally inviting. If you prefer, orange, yellow, and green work well as long as you stick to the darker shades. A great way to enhance these colors is to add natural textures.

Don’t be afraid to use textures like stone, aged wood, iron and copper; Use them on the walls too, but be careful not to overdo it. These types of textures are great for floors. Hardwood floors are the perfect touch in a Tuscan-style kitchen, or you may decide that vinyl flooring with a faux stone look is best for your needs.

Furniture and accessories

To achieve the look and atmosphere you’re after, select some appropriate furniture and accessories. You can often find old or worn furniture at flea markets and garage sales, so you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money. Some furnishings to look for are antique-style cabinets, dressers, and even a large farmhouse-style dining table.

Tuscan decor is all about food and nature, so keep these things in mind as you decorate. Terracotta pots filled with fresh herbs or baskets of brightly colored fruit are great for this style of décor. Large or tall glass bottles filled with vegetables, peppers, and olives are also a perfect accent. You may already have some empty bottles or terracotta pots around the house that you can use for this purpose.

Wine and grapes are huge in Italian decor. Whether it’s vine leaves, grape vine wreaths or even wine bottles and glasses, these are essential accessories in the Tuscan kitchen theme. Using a small iron wine rack and filling it with bottles, even empty ones, can change the look of a kitchen in no time. Since sunflowers are very popular in Tuscany, use them here and there to help brighten up the room a bit. Whatever you decide to use for your Tuscan-style kitchen, keep in mind that dark colors and a variety of textures are the key to authentic Tuscan-style décor.

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