Porsche Winter Tires

Porsche Tires

Porsches are some of the world’s most exotic and capable performance vehicles. They deliver an exhilarating driving experience thanks to their powerful engines, advanced transmissions and precision steering systems. But they can only provide that experience if their tires are able to properly transmit longitudinal and lateral forces. The only parts of the car that directly touch the road, Porsche tires are an integral part of your vehicle’s dynamic drive.

Unfortunately, the big wide summer tires that most performance cars come equipped with aren’t designed to properly displace snow and ice. They’re also not optimized for temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why winter tires are so important for Porsche drivers. With a good set of tires, Porsches are just as fun to drive in the snow as they are on dry pavement.

While Porsche offers a selection of tires through their Tequipment line, many owners choose to get their wheels and tires replaced by a tire shop that specializes in Buy Porsche tire wheels and wheels. These Porsche winter tires are specifically designed for your model and rated by the manufacturer to ensure that they will fit and function correctly. They’re also tested at the Porsche Weissach testing facility and covered by the factory 2-year warranty.

But, if you’re not ready to commit to a dedicated set of winter tires for your car, Porsche offers their own wheel and tire packages as an optional feature on select models. These Porsche Tequipment winter tire and wheels packages are designed for the specific needs of your vehicle and include a complete set of Porsche approved (N-rated) winter tires and factory wheels.

Porsche Winter Tires

They’re also assembled and balanced at the factory and shipped straight from Germany. Compared to the standard lightweight light-alloy wheels, these Porsche tires have an impressive 20% lower unsprung weight and provide better cornering stability thanks to their wider contact patch. They’re also aesthetically pleasing with their seven spoke design and black wheel centers featuring the traditional Porsche Crest.

These wheels are also forged and machined, making them lighter and stronger than the typical OE aluminum wheel. This combination of light weight and strength provides the best balance between handling and ride comfort.

The tires are paired with the Porsche traction control system to ensure that they can deliver the maximum amount of available performance and safety in the most demanding conditions. This includes the ability to handle high speeds, confident handling in the curves and excellent braking performance.

The traction control system can even reduce the power from the engine to the rear wheels when necessary. This allows the Cayenne to easily overcome the challenges of steep hills and icy roads. It’s this technology, combined with a good set of Porsche winter tires, that makes the Cayenne one of the best performance SUVs to drive in snow and other adverse weather conditions.

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