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Top Online Business Opportunities: What’s Your Biggest Fear When Starting Out?

What is the biggest fear of starting the best online business opportunities? Have you thought about that? It can be very overwhelming starting a new business online. The survival rate is around 3%. Many are not cut out to be in business for themselves. Are you struggling to find work-from-home success?

Since most fail to start a major online business opportunity, you are likely to be afraid. This is very normal. The best leaders have fear within them but choose to act in spite of the fear. But since few do, don’t fall into this trap. What you need to understand is that you will have fears, but facing them up front will be the key to your success.

The biggest fear in starting a great online business opportunity is the fear of loss. Most seek not to lose rather than win. An example of this is when a football team is winning with 2:00 left in the game and the losing team has the ball. The team that is losing has to go all the way down the field to score and win. But the currently winning team is on a “preemption” defense and is giving up the yardage to the offensive team and their main focus is simply not letting the currently losing team score. The defensive team that is winning is playing to lose the game instead of winning. What usually happens in this situation is that the team that is playing the “prevention” defense ends up losing the game. You cannot be afraid of losing or afraid of loss.

What most people are afraid of losing is their money. The biggest question I get from people looking to start a top online business opportunity is that they want to know if they will lose their money if they fail. Well, we all know that there are risks with being in business. The risk of having your money at stake is part of the game. But I cannot answer this question for them. I tell them that “it depends on you”. I tell them that failure only exists for people who quit. The sad part is that most people quit just before they are on the brink of success.

The fact is that being in business as an online entrepreneur is real business. This is where most of us don’t succeed. Most people go online from different backgrounds, but they all have the same thing in common. This is that they were never trained in their personal development or in running a business to be successful. Most come from the corporate world where they are trained to be an employee, not an entrepreneur. You need to treat your business like a real business, not a hobby, and you will succeed. That means hard work and effort only! If you have a strong work ethic, your fear of loss will lessen.

To crush your greatest fear, the fear of loss is combined with an opportunity that will allow you to train in your own personal development as a leading entrepreneur. Very few companies offer this benefit, so choose your top online business opportunities carefully.

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