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The future of Vodcast

Before, it used to be just broadcast media. But with very dynamic computing technology, we now have the podcast (subscription to audio content) and the video podcast that can only be experienced on the Internet, as well as on other portable multimedia devices such as laptop and iPod.

The video podcast or vodcast for short is actually the result of the podcast. The podcast focuses only on the audio aspect, while the vodcast combines audio and video just like television. A vodcast can be distributed from a web server as a file or as a stream. If you want to have an archive, you can download entire video podcasts and play them later, even offline. With a single download, you can watch the video as many times as you want. In a streaming vodcast, on the other hand, you may skip some parts of the file and may not download the entire video podcast. The downside is that during playback, you may encounter pauses due to slow transfer speeds.

Did you know that vodcasting started in the Netherlands? You see, the need for video services there is greater, as more than 60 percent of the Dutch have broadband internet. Another reason is that video podcasting was discovered and promoted by Dutch streaming experts on

Video podcasts are gaining popularity these days. A survey conducted by the media research firm Nielsen / NetRatings from 2005 to the present revealed that Internet users between the ages of 25 and 34 download the most video podcasts. Most of the people who download audio or video podcasts normally use Safari. The San Jose Mercury News, an authority on technology news, said that video podcasts were among the top ten technology trends in 2006 achieving “a level of cult status on the Internet.” Users can subscribe to vlogs to get the latest or even missed videos and then automatically send them to their computer desktop. They can then transfer their video files to a portable player like a video iPod.

Tech experts have argued that video podcasts still lag behind audio-only podcasts due to limitations on where and how they can be viewed. Audio podcasts can be listened to via computer, compact disc, and iPod, while video podcasts can only be viewed on computer or iPod with video. However, despite these limitations, video podcasts are expected to be widely used in the future. In addition to simply downloading videos, you can even star in your own show or concert in the same way that you can make your own radio show into an audio podcast. The vodcast medium offers many opportunities for creative users. You can use it to share your videos with family and friends, add them to the content of your website, blog, or use them in your projects. You can even make your own newscast, documentary, drama, or comedy or reality show. Get your imagination running and you’ll be amazed at how easy and exciting it is to make video podcasts.

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