Should you get her a diamond ring for Christmas?

Diamond rings are the most intimate gifts that men can buy for their women. The phrase diamonds are forever. Diamonds, born of fire, in the molten rock of the earth’s core were formed millions of years ago. The diamond set in that diamond ring is millions (possibly billions) of years old. That’s as close to forever as possible.

The heat that diamond creates can even exceed 1200 degrees Celsius. Anything less than 400 degrees Celsius results in graphite, not diamond. Talk about heat. Corresponds to heat, passion in a romance. The warmth of love. Therefore, that diamond set in a ring that a man gives to his wife expresses his love, his passion for her.

If those are your intentions, go ahead and buy the ring. If you are a platonic friend, think twice as you could get the wrong message.

Basically, when a man gives a woman a diamond ring, he is telling her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. That he loves her. So if your intention is to propose to her and you are sure she loves you too, then buy her a real diamond ring. Anything less would disappoint her once she found out. It would look like a fake diamond to her, which implies that your love for her is fake. She could still accept his proposal and ignore the fact that the stone in the ring is a rhinestone, but it would probably make her feel less than the best.

If you are married, gift your spouse a diamond ring for their wedding anniversary. That is, if you can afford it. She wouldn’t like it if the two of you go into huge debt just to get her that ring. For a special wedding anniversary gift, nothing beats one of these 3 stone diamond princess cut rings [] for oomph, if you have the money for it, sure.

Another way is to choose a loose diamond and set it. That is a popular way to choose a diamond engagement ring. In this way, you can adapt the ring any way you want. Choose a diamond within your budget and a setting that you would love. Since the price of a diamond is determined by the four Cs, carat, color, clarity, and cut, by playing with these factors, you get the most bang for your buck.

Let’s start with Carat, or the weight (size) of the diamond. Generally, women like their engagement rings to have as large diamonds as possible. If you are not a perfectionist, you can slightly compromise on clarity and color for a larger diamond. You can even get SI1 diamonds with a J color to be able to afford a higher carat diamond.

Now here is a trick that you can use to get the best in terms of carat weight. There is a price jump for every 0.5 carat weight gain. It all has to do with marketing. A 1 carat stone sounds more impressive than a 0.93 carat stone, so although you cannot visibly tell the difference, the 1 carat diamond would cost much more than that 0.07 increase could be worth. carats. Also, the jump between a 0.49 carat diamond and a 0.5 carat diamond is substantial. A 2.4 carat diamond may look as big as a 2.5 carat diamond, but the price jump is more than linear. Instead of a 2.5 carat stone, you can choose a 2.4 carat stone that looks great but costs much less.

Next, decide the clarity of the diamond you want. Diamond clarity [] indicates the extent of defects, if any, in a diamond. If you are a perfectionist, you may prefer a smaller diamond with greater clarity. If you want it as big as possible, but aren’t too concerned about diamond flaws, you can compromise on clarity to get a bigger diamond.

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