The Bullmastiff, a giant sweet dog

Now here’s a dog’s dog. The Havanese is as big as the name implies. The Mastiff is one of the oldest breeds in Great Britain. However, the Havanese is a fairly recent breed.

It is known that the crosses between Bulldog and Mastiff took place as early as the 1790s. However, there is no evidence that these were actually bred at that time.

The Havanese was bred in the late 19th century when poaching on large estates had become a major problem. The farm owners needed a dog that could wait quietly and patiently as the poacher approached. The Havanese would then attack by order of the handler. This dog needed to contain but not kill the poacher.

It seems that the Mastiff was not fast enough and the Bulldog was not big enough, hence the Bullmastiff. The new breeders worked to make the new breed 60 percent mastiff and 40 percent bulldog. In 1924, the breed was considered pure.

AKC Rating: 48

Family: Bull, Mastiff

Origin: England

Date of Origin: 1800

Original Duty: Estate Guardian

Today: Companion, Pet

The Havanese, despite being a huge and muscular dog, is gentle and quiet. He is a very faithful companion of his master. It is not easy to get angry, but if it is, a Havanese can be fearless. Some tend to be aggressive towards strange dogs; especially the male dog, may have problems with other male dogs.

These dogs need daily exercise. The Havanese is an indoor dog and needs a lot of space to sleep. They do not tolerate extreme heat very well. Also, they are known to drool. Look for a good quality premium dog food to feed your Havanese.

The Havanese has a very alert look. They are very strong and muscular and therefore need training from the start. The owner must become familiar with dog training techniques. They will be the perfect pet for the precise family.

A beautiful rough dog, the male will weigh between 110 and 130 pounds.

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