Children’s Book Review – The Personification of a Magic Lamp!

Have you heard of the success of Flat Stanley? This is a character that children love, he is a two-dimensional, flat person. Interestingly, the symbolism is excellent and even has implications for multi-dimensional physics, but Flat Stanley is an incredible hit.

In fact some schools have had students create “flat stanleys” on paper and then give them to their friends to take on trips with them as they can be put in a suitcase and then when they come back the students write about it. Now, this same creator has written another book, one that he also recommends for his children:

“Stanley the Magic Lamp” by Jeff Brown (also author of ‘flat stanley’ which actually started a major movement and trend) and fully illustrated with the finest cartoon creations by none other than Scott Nash; This is a book in the Scholastic Book series, which is a division of Harper Collins Publishing; New York, NY. 2003; ISBN: 0-439-60622-5.

What if you had a magic lamp, one that allowed you to fly? All children love magic and flying is something that everyone would like to have the power to do. Wouldn’t you like to defy gravity too? I know you would, and so will your son.

You will enjoy hours with this book and you will enjoy the lessons that it teaches your children in a very simple way, since sometimes as parents there are things that we really cannot say. So trust Stanley the Magic Lamp and then smile and laugh with your child.

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