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Endo, Meso or Ecto: the best exercise for your body type

From the moment we are old enough to look in the mirror we ask, “Mommy, why doesn’t my body look like Susie’s?” we are told that each body is made a little differently and that we must accept our unique body type. But in fact, there are only three body types, with a bit of overlap between them. By learning which of the three body styles you inherited, you can plan an exercise routine that makes the most of it.

The three primary body shapes are Mesomorph, Ectomorph, and Endomorph and each comes with positive and not-so-positive traits. But by focusing on your strengths, you can minimize the negatives and build the best body nature allows.

mesomorph body type

A mesomorph body can be recognized by its general rectangular appearance. The hips and chest tend to be wide; we sometimes describe a meso body as “big-boned.” There are more male examples of meso body styles, but women can also fall into this category of body type.

The exciting part of the Meso Body is its ability to easily build muscle. So you’ll find plenty of examples of Meso-style bodies in the gym and on Muscle Beach. If you’re meso, it’s best to follow nature’s lead and build as much muscle as you can. After all, lean muscle mass burns calories and shapes and tone the appearance of the body.

Unfortunately, while Meso’s have no problem adding muscle, they often have extra fat as well. To burn this extra fat, it’s important to incorporate an extra cardio session or two per week. Of course, it’s human to want to focus on the things we already do well, which is why Meso’s generally prefer lifting weights to running on the treadmill, but a more balanced exercise routine will yield better overall results. The best training plan for Meso would be 40 percent strength training and 60 percent cardio.

ectomorph body type

Ectomorph’s body is often a runway fashion model, tall and lean, he can eat anything without gaining an ounce. Image of Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive Oyl. There are male and female Ecto body types, but while Ecto is a favorite body type for women, it may not be for men. While they don’t have a lot of extra fat, ectomorphs also have a hard time gaining muscle.

The best workout routine for Ecto body types focuses more on strength training than cardio. In fact, cardio routines are done primarily for the endurance and health benefits rather than weight loss. But due to their thin bone structure, Ecto body types are more susceptible to injury, so strength training is important for health purposes, as well as the more toned appearance muscle can provide.

endomorph body type

The Endo body style is characterized by curves. Endos are strong and tend to have a higher percentage of muscle than ectos or mesos, but they tend to have a large amount of fat. A male endo is likely to be a defensive lineman on a football team, and a female endo can spend her life on one diet after another. Oprah Winfrey is a good example of an Endo woman who has produced a toned and healthy endo body through her healthy diet and exercise routines.

Because building muscle mass is effortless on an Endo, while losing fat is a constant effort, the Endo training plan should incorporate no less than 70 percent of weekly training time for cardio and dedicate the remaining 30 percent to strength training.

By being honest with ourselves about the body that nature gave us, we can embrace the positives while working to correct the shortcomings. Just remember that mommy was right when she told us that “nature made all bodies perfect the way they are,” but it never hurts to help nature.

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