A hutch or a pen: which is better for your pet?

When choosing the home where you will keep your pet rabbit, inside your house or outdoors in your backyard. If you decide to keep it outdoors, either in addition to the rabbit cage inside your house or just outdoors, you may have to choose between a rabbit hutch or a type of rabbit pen.

Why choose a rabbit hutch?

There are a few reasons in favor of getting a rabbit hutch for your pet rabbit. Before stating these reasons, it is assumed that the following conditions concur or can be fulfilled:

1. The cabin is constructed of durable materials. Part of the wall is made of resistant wire mesh, to allow good ventilation and part of wood or plastic sheet of adequate thickness to provide warmth for the rabbit.

2. There is a good solid roof. The roof serves to protect the rabbit from inclement weather such as sudden rainfall. Additionally, it serves as an obstruction to the line of sight of a falcon flying above the cage in search of prey for food.

3. The floor is of good construction or has a solid plastic sheet. This is to prevent injury to your pet rabbit’s paws.

4. There is a place where it will be shaded from the direct rays of the sun and protected from strong wind. If there is no shady and sheltered place, this will be a great disadvantage. On the one hand, in case of strong winds, the hutch can tip over. When this happens, there is a high chance that your pet will be injured. Also, due to shock, your rabbit could have a heart attack and there is a possibility of death.

5. There is the necessary material such as hay to serve as a bed for the rabbit. This is essential to make the rabbit’s life a little more comfortable; a litter box, containers for food and drinking water, etc.

6. It is the right size for your pet rabbit. It is the rabbit hutch that allows your pet to jump and play or stand on its hind legs.

7. Your pet is trained to use the garbage.

8. All other things, like cleaning and maintenance, are done by you on a regular basis.

Having said all this, what are the advantages offered by a rabbit hutch?

1. The raised construction of the hutch serves as a natural protection against predators. For a raccoon, for example, it would be difficult for it to reach the floor of the hutch without climbing. This puts you in a weak position to harm the rabbit, it penetrates the strong wire mesh of the hutch much more. If it goes on top of the roof of the cabin, less will be able to enter. For birds of prey it would be a bit difficult to detect the rabbit inside, let alone get it out.

For dogs and others, the height of the cage not only serves as a barrier to the rabbit, but also deters any attempts to destroy the wire mesh or wooden deck, which might be done if the cage were at Ground level.

It is also a kind of cushion against the shock or panic caused by the sight of the predator’s action on the ground or even the sound it produces. Especially if the hutch has that room where the rabbit can hide, then panic can be minimized, including rash reactions from the rabbit that will tend to hurt the rabbit or cause a heart attack.

2. The protection provided by the roof, siding, and location of the hutch all serve to provide some reassurance to the pet owner that the pet is safe and secure, so whether or not it leaves the house or not. , whether they are awake or asleep, no unwanted things will happen to the rabbit. As long as you do things to cultivate and improve the rabbit’s social life, there will be no problem. In other words, less supervision may be required from you or your family.

However, although the rabbit hutch is quite safe, it is still better to have a cage inside your house to keep your pet overnight.

What about rabbit racing?

Rabbit pens are also widely used by pet owners because they find them fulfilling some of their rabbits’ needs. Whether they have adequately protected the race against predators; have removed poisonous plants that may be present on the land where the track will be located; and the like, there are advantages resulting from their use.

1. They provide more space for the rabbit to exercise, resulting in a healthier rabbit for you.

2. They also give the rabbit that sense of its natural habitat so that it can play and jump or explore the grass that the track has been placed on. They can dig if they want, but very sparingly.

3. There is very good ventilation and enough sunshine for the rabbit. If in case the sun is hot, the rabbit can always get inside the covered room provided inside the pen.

However, rabbits run around and need constant supervision due to danger from predators, especially if your home is located near some wooded areas. Not even their predator-proof running will guarantee that they will not be harmed in the event of an attack because the shock and panic caused by an attack can cause the rabbit to run wildly, spin and jump which could result in injury. like a broken spine or a heart attack.

Which one then?

It depends on your situation and your preference. You can have a hutch or a rabbit pen or both, if you can afford it and depending on where you live.

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