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Free Chicken Coop Plans – Make Sure You Do This So Your Chickens Are Safe And Happy

There’s something about the idea of ​​waking up in the morning to the soft clucking of chickens and then buying some fresh eggs for breakfast. For those who are health conscious, being able to pick up super fresh eggs from chickens you know personally is a huge plus. For those of you who are simply animal lovers, having your own chickens and having the added benefit of fresh eggs almost every day is a super fun bonus. If you have enough chickens, you will also be able to sell your extra eggs. Many people are willing to pay more for fresh organic eggs from healthy chickens that are well cared for.

Many free chicken coops available online

When it comes to building your own chicken coop, there are many free chicken coop plans available on the internet. These chicken coop plans are best suited for those who have some woodworking experience, as not all of them come with detailed step-by-step instructions. You may also need to prepare your own list of materials to take to your hardware store. You can find a plan for many types of chicken coops, from the simple A-frame to a more complicated enclosure with a pen and coop.

Choose the right materials

No matter which one you choose, you need to make sure that you choose the right materials for it. Choose the best quality of wood you can afford. You want wood that won’t rot in a short period of time. You also want wood that is somewhat resistant to pests. You don’t want to use wood that invites bugs to come and chew on it. This can weaken the wood and give predators an easy way to get into your coop.


Also, if you live in areas where the weather is extremely cold or hot, you’ll need to think about insulation so your birds don’t get scalded or frostbitten. It’s also important to get quality insulation that is safe for your birds but also provides protection from extremes. The insulation could be in the form of a double wall where the interior is filled with insulation.

To lease

The location of your chicken coop is also a very important thing to consider. Choose a spot that provides at least some shade so your chickens have a shady place to go when the sun comes out.

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