Van upgrades to improve your mobile business

If you run a mobile business or need tools and equipment on the job, chances are you’re working out of a van. While this can be a great way to serve your customers regardless of their location, it also means you’ll need to think about how you can make that van more functional and user-friendly for both you and your business.

Here are several ways you can upgrade your truck to improve your business.

Install van racking systems

Many people who run a mobile business use their van as an office. As a result, they need to have a place for their laptop, phone, and other essentials while on the go. While one could simply stack these items in the back of the work area or place them on the passenger seat, having a proper van shelving system installed will ensure items are secure and in the same place each time they are needed.

Additionally, many of these systems can be customized to include shelves and storage bins to improve organization and maximize interior work space in a van.

Install false floors with van drawers

If you have a van with a bit of clearance, why not install a raised floor with sliding van drawers underneath? Many installation experts offer these storage systems with one and two drawer options that are super long and can hold up to 150kg of weight.

Not only will this type of van storage solution create ample space to store items large and small, but the carpeted feature adds a touch of elegance and style to your mobile van business.

Sliding side drawers

Almost any space or area in a van can be optimized with storage capacity, even the side entrances. That’s why it’s wise for moving businesses to consider installing drawers along the side of their vans for easy access to items they use regularly.

These drawers can usually be customized to fit any type of van and typically range in height from 290 to 450mm.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Van Drawers

Upgrading the storage capacity and design of your van is key to ensuring that you can transport all the equipment necessary for your mobile business to succeed.

Plus, a well-organized van allows more time to focus on serving customers. With more innovative storage options, your van will be much more functional and won’t leave you feeling frustrated at work.

Enhance your mobile business with space-saving van drawers

Whether you run a pet sitting, maintenance, or cleaning business, having smart storage options for your truck will make a world of difference when it comes to serving the needs of your customers.

If you don’t like the options available and a storage facility company, don’t worry. Many services provide custom facilities to meet your specific business and storage needs.

And the best part? Van shelving systems are custom designed, meaning you can get exactly what you want and upgrade your storage needs as your business grows. So don’t hesitate to reap the benefits of advanced storage options in your mobile business with van drawers designed to keep everything you need organized and accessible.

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