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The true essence of digital marketing in Dubai Real Estate

Digital Marketing brings with it a great evolution in the field of marketing and no matter in which industry the concept is interpreted, there is always room for innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, Dubai Real Estate has not embraced this concept well of late, and most digital marketers have followed a Pied Piper (of Hamelin) approach that is missing the true essence of digital marketing. Most marketers try to copy other people’s concept and sometimes even illegally disguise their concept art to capture leads online which while works great for numbers is next to none when it comes to conversion due to quality.

In marketing basics, it is taught that each product has its own unique selling proposition (USP) and therefore has a different target audience, where one marketing strategy may not apply to all. The setback of not following this concept has brought digital marketing to a stage where almost the same ads are exposed to the same audience over and over again through social media, emails, SMS and online portals, which it dilutes interest and confuses a genuine customer. what should be chosen in the midst of this war of similar offers in all digital channels. In addition, there has been a huge waste of resources in this process that could have been better capitalized if a best use approach had been adopted. One of the main reasons observed behind this scenario is the gap that exists between the marketing team and their actual real estate expertise. In general, organizations when they outsource their marketing campaigns to external agencies, the objective of both parties is different where the organization intends to save costs for the marketing campaign and on the other hand, the marketing agencies focus on generating more numbers in potential clients so they can discuss their upcoming contract renewals. In the whole process, the essence of advertising the USP of the property is stripped away and instead of targeted marketing, the focus goes to the concept of mass marketing which, again, goes against the digital marketing literature. The only happy party in this scenario is the service provider Google and Facebook as their business earns more revenue as competition intensifies and companies are willing to pay more for the same campaign.

Digital marketing, especially social media, SEO and SEM, works mostly on the offer structure for a certain audience group and of course the most powerful offer wins the race, but a very experienced marketer would always go for one strategy. of optimal offers in a specific target segment. which would significantly reduce the cost per qualified lead and eventually utilize the digital marketing concept to its fullest. It is high time for marketers, and especially digital marketers, to realize the full potential of digital marketing and bridge the gap between Dubai Real Estate knowledge and the marketing approach that will immediately deliver better results. . The second step includes researching the appropriate target audience for a specific property and justifying the time spent on this research that would discriminate quality versus quantity in general.

The culprit for this situation cannot be blamed solely on digital marketers, but industry leaders and decisive management have also contributed greatly to failing to allocate the right resources at the right time in the right places. Firstly, it is highly recommended to conduct digital marketing in-house, as the stakeholders involved in the campaign are often exposed to sensitive customer data and an internal marketing resource would not only focus more on generating quality leads, but would respect the values ​​of the organization and would not place false or flashy advertisements which, in the long run, only result in the waste of monetary resources. Additionally, there should always be experienced real estate staff working closely with the marketing team to ensure that research and messaging is appropriate and accurate. In the event that the organization intends to outsource marketing campaigns, it is highly recommended to assign experienced staff as point of contact for the agency who would not only monitor progress but also work closely with campaign slogans and messages that would only ensure long-term success

Although the current situation does not paint a very good picture for digital marketing in real estate, if this Pied Piper approach is not followed and the right person with the right resources uses the right tools, there is still a lot to be learned. The benefits of digital marketing.

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