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The Reiki Council and the registry Pros and cons

As someone who was part of the then UK Reiki Regulation Task Force, now known as the Reiki Council, I am delighted to see how seriously Reiki is being taken in the UK now. Of course, there are many who don’t realize the benefits. However, at the end of the day, it is all about choice. A Reiki Healer can choose to be officially recognized or choose not to be. It’s always good to have options.

The process took about 12 years in total. And it was worth it. After all the work that so many dedicated individuals and associations have done to develop these professional standards for Reiki, and to help the Reiki Registry take place, there is now a breakthrough.

Firstly, it is now easier, though not easy, for Reiki to have a place in the NHS and private health insurance schemes. The NHS is now looking at ways to take a holistic approach to medicine, one that involves Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

Second, about halfway through the process, not even when it was over, I as a Reiki practitioner started getting more inquiries and more clients for Reiki sessions. I’m sure others who were also professionals and were running their private practice as a proper business also saw this increase in clients and benefited from it. More importantly, customers benefited from it. These are clients who would not see any unapproved doctor or try something that has not been tried, tested and approved. And why should they? It’s good to approach any new modality with some healthy skepticism. After all, the world is full of charlatans and snake-oil sellers.

Some Reiki practitioners personally don’t feel this goes far. They see the whole thing as another hoop they are forced to jump through. They may also argue that there is too much bias in the NHS and private medical establishments towards medication, cut, burn and inject. However, CAM is being integrated into the Western medicine model, and while adoption is slow, it is happening.

However, let’s look at the Reiki register from a different angle. Not to depend on an employer, but to carry out a Reiki practice on your own. In any business, run properly, ethically, and honestly, there is paperwork, professional fees, and professional standards. My own feeling is that anyone who doesn’t benefit as a professional simply needs to study more business and marketing courses. Then they can apply their knowledge and potentially have many happy customers that they regularly serve with pride and joy.

Let’s not depend on our medical friends to give us work. Let’s spread healing and help clients now for the Greater Good. And when the NHS offers you a job, you can choose whether to take it or keep your private practice open. To reiterate, it’s always good to have options.

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