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Relief of depersonalization through nutrition

Nutrition is a much bigger part of the recovery process than one might imagine. Food reflects your mood and, when used correctly, allows complete control over how you feel. From the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night, there are food choices that will determine how you feel.

Morning foods should provide energy and vigor instead of bogging you down. Instead of feeding mist, they should cut through mist and increase your concentration levels at the start of the day. Caffeine is not required to achieve this morning energy response. There are other natural food options that help cut through the fog.

Here are some suggestions to combat feelings of brain fog early in the morning:

– Avoid all sweet and refined boxed cereals at all costs. Pancakes and waffles are also not recommended unless they are whole grain and accompanied by a protein.
– Get up, get dressed and go out… passing the mental fog after a nutritious meal helps to wake up the mind and body.
– Watch your thoughts and stop scaring yourself with “what if” thoughts.

The best options for an energetic breakfast are the following:

breakfast suggestions

Eggs (prepared any way you prefer), along with whole wheat toast or turkey bacon and a warm decaf beverage.
Oatmeal with low-glycemic fruits (blueberries, melon, strawberries) and an egg or protein powder.
Natural peanut butter on whole wheat bread with fresh berries or melon slices and decaf hot beverage.

Never skip breakfast and always eat this meal within 30 minutes of getting up in the morning.

lunch suggestions

– Dense/solid protein such as chicken, meat or fish with whole grain bread or salad. (no sweet toppings).
– Salad with Protein (chicken, fish or meat).
– Vegetable and protein soup (chicken, fish or meat)
– Grilled cheese on whole wheat flatbread with sugar free drink.

Suggestions for dinner

– Lean Protein (Chicken, Meat or Fish) together with Potato and Green or Yellow Vegetables, Salad.
– Integral Pasta with Protein and Salad or Vegetables.
– Mediterranean Salad with Seafood and Lemon Dressing.
– Chile with grated cheddar cheese and caesar salad.

The suggestions above are a minor summary (found in more detail in our program packet) and can be used as a guide to foods that will allow for clarity and peace of mind. They feed your energy without increasing feelings of anxiety and depersonalization.

Never go more than 4 hours without eating. Snacks are fine, but you’ll find them unnecessary if your food satisfies you.

Snack Suggestions:

-Hummus with carrot or celery sticks.
-Natural peanut butter and blueberries on whole grain toast.
-Hard Boiled Eggs and Cheddar Cheese. –
-Whole grain and berries
-Fresh Fruit with Cheese or Nuts (nut butters)
-Yogurt and Fresh Fruit.

Remember that food is fuel and when you follow the right nutrition plan it will put you in total control of how you want to feel. You are always in charge of applying the correct options and taking the proper steps.

The above are just a few examples of how you can use food to change the way you feel. The combination of this nutrition plan and the right behavior modifications will change your life. They will help maintain balanced blood sugar levels and a natural increase in serotonin (the feel-good chemical) in the brain.

The foods you often crave are often the exact foods that fuel this condition. Choose foods that are low in sugar and that are not metabolized into sugar, such as refined white flour, pasta, and simple sugars. If you must eat a sweet, eat it directly after the meal. The goal is to maintain stable blood sugar levels and balanced serotonin in the brain. By following this eating plan you will feel happier, more confident and less reactive to external stimuli.

This is a very specific nutrition plan and must be followed strictly to achieve results, but it is well worth the effort. The behavior modification steps must also be followed precisely to achieve complete success.

This is the combination and the path to full and permanent recovery from depersonalization and anxiety. The results will give your life back as you achieve complete clarity and a true sense of well-being.

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