List of apartments in Buffalo NY that are approved with bad credit and a broken lease

Looking for an apartment to rent in Buffalo NY but have bad credit, a broken previous lease, bankruptcy, or a criminal record and are worried about being denied? Perhaps you have already applied and been turned down for apartment after apartment. In fact, this can be a very frustrating test, especially if you have already paid the deposit and have been led to believe that approval is near. Many individuals and families go through this every day and this is also compounded by the fact that apartments that offer second or third chance rentals are hard to find.

One of the reasons that apartments of this caliber are difficult to locate is because they are not formally advertised in the mainstream media. The reason for this is that they want to continue to attract quality tenants who have excellent credit. If you’ve been looking for a Buffalo NY second-chance apartment that you approve of even with bad credit and / or a broken lease, here are some locations to check out:

  • Allentown
  • Black rock
  • Delaware
  • Downtown Buffalo
  • Elmwood strip

We mentioned that the frustration of finding an apartment that will be rented to clients who owe previous apartments or who have a felony / misdemeanor can be compounded by the fact that they are difficult to locate due to their reluctance to advertise. But this does not mean that all apartments are the same. There are some units scattered around certain parts of the city that are willing to work with tenants with less than optimistic credit.

One of the best ways to locate these apartments is through the Internet. While we mentioned that these apartments are rarely advertised, some do and a careful and diligent search can reveal helpful results. The Internet is also useful for comparing prices and also for reviewing what other tenants have said regarding their experience at that particular property.

Apartment locators are also beneficial because they may know of some locations that are forgiving of people with troubled rental or credit histories. They also have long-term relationships with many leasing managers and these can be helpful.

Finding apartments in Buffalo if you have a bad credit history or poor rental history can be challenging, but with the right tools and diligence, you can secure a great apartment that will get you approved instantly. We cannot promise this will be easy as most apartments routinely conduct credit or background checks and will also examine criminal records. But hundreds of individuals and families have found great Buffalo housing even with bad credit.

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