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How to make a guy feel lucky to have you and always feel that way! do it this way

It’s every woman’s secret wish that the man she dates sees her as a goddess, someone she can’t live without! There is always this desire to be the wanted and loved one. So how can you make a guy feel lucky to have someone like you?

Believe that you are worthy of being loved.

He’ll feel lucky to have you if you think you’re worthy of such adulation. There’s no way I’m going to adore you if you don’t even think you have what it takes to be admired.

Let him see you cheering him on.

You have to let this man see that you are his number one fan, his number one cheerleader, and his best source of support. Don’t be just one of the adoring girls, be the best! He boosts his ego enough and he will want to stay with you forever.

Love it and don’t expect anything.

One of the most common mistakes women make is loving a man conditionally. That is, they only continue to love him if he responds positively to what they are showing him. Even though you may not see it reciprocate, still love him and he will surely notice that you are always there for him.

Sacrifice but don’t be a martyr.

Love him enough to go the extra mile, but don’t make him take advantage of your kindness. Keep loving him and doing nice things for him, but not so much that he ends up abusing your kindness.

Be a real center of attention and he is the proudest guy in the world!

Make him take notice and notice all the heads turning once you walk by and this guy will be the proudest groom! To achieve this, you have to be someone who never goes wrong with his outfit. You should also know how to apply the most suitable type of makeup for your skin type.

Don’t be unfaithful.

This is probably one of the most crushing things that can happen to a man. If you start flirting with other men, even when he is not around, you are slowly turning into a cheating woman. Don’t go that way, it is often thorny and painful.

Never handle it in any way.

Try to show that you are a controlling and manipulative woman and that this guy is not going to last! You may be able to catch him, but you will never really have his heart or his trust. Let him have his space, respect him and treat him like a man in all aspects. These are the things that would make it yours.

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