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Graduating From College: How To Prepare For Life After College

After a crazy graduation celebration, throwing graduation caps in the air, you and your friends got together, drank, and said goodbye to hurried homework, exams, and the delicious diet of baked cereals and beans. It seems her future is so bright and bright after graduation. However, for those of you with a clear plan, it is true, but for the rest of you, it may not be that easy. First, you should seriously ask yourself three “simple” questions:

1. Who do you want to be?

2. What kind of work would you like to do?

3. What kind of lifestyle would you like to have?

The words are easy to understand, but many people cannot say the answers because the answers will show the options, which will impact their next life even more. In fact, there are several options to take after college and everyone has their own trips, so all of you will be different. You can go to graduate school, find a graduate job, start your own business, or even travel the world. Whatever you choose means that you should take full advantage of your free time to make your plans and take real action.

1. Get a graduate job

After graduation, looking for a good job is the option for most new graduates. Your first port of call should be to contact your relevant university department, for some parts of them, they offer a recruiting service for your students and it will significantly reduce the job barrier for you.

In the words of Philippa Hardie, a career consultant at the University of Chester, sometimes small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the most suitable options for recent graduates. Being a small fish in a big pound is not right for everyone and SMEs can offer you more training and challenges.

Also, finding a job can take time. Be careful not to leave a blank space on the CV, you can fill the time with some part-time jobs, volunteering, and internships.

2. Become your own boss

Do not stay alone inside the box, at some point you need to be outside to see the world. If you can’t find your dream job and don’t want to settle for just one job, why not create one by starting your own company? It could be an extremely interesting process to turn your business idea into reality. So, if you are confident and tenacious enough, self-employment should be a smart move. There are some main advantages to being self-employed:

* Independent power to make decisions

* Control over what to do and who to work with

* Flexible time management

* Pay for any opportunity that fits you

However, nothing is perfect. You need to understand that being self-employed also means that you have to juggle a number of responsibilities, such as business marketing, personnel management, uncertainty / problem management, and financial issues. Therefore, before starting your own business, you need to make sure that you want to take on these challenges.

3. Do a master’s degree

“If you really want to study a particular aspect of your undergraduate course in more depth, then graduate study is the answer,” says Philippa.

So if you’re sure you have the right reasons, it’s still a good option to go back to school and study for a specific master’s degree that interests you. Some courses like law and philosophy need in-depth study to qualify. However, don’t take it just to buy time – it’s not worth it, and your important years could be wasted.

4. Take a year off

Traveling the world to make a hole could help you see more of the world, learn about different kinds of cultures, and learn multiple languages. It’s not just about playing, a rich life experience could make you a much more attractive job candidate and also provide you with fantastic inspiration during your long-term career.

If you like, working while traveling is also a good option to develop your skills and could help you discover your favorite lifestyle in the process. Don’t expect your dream job to be there to get sucked in, try everything you can to find out.

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