Do luxury cars really attract and impress women?

There seems to be a general feeling that women are impressed by men who drive expensive cars. Some guys even seem to believe that they have a better chance of getting a date if they drive an exotic or expensive car.

Personally, I’ve NEVER thought to myself “Wow, that guy driving the 7 series must be loaded! Let me go get some of that!” The feelings I usually get when I see a guy in a super expensive car like a Lamborghini or Bentley range from apathy to envy to motivation. Let me explain more …

Apathy – Most of the time I don’t give a damn if a guy drives a $ 200,000 car. When I look, it is to see the car and not the type. Personally, I don’t find any glory in dating a guy who drives an expensive car. I am extremely ambitious, I would rather work hard enough to BUY a $ 200,000 car myself. What do you gain by sitting in the passenger seat of an expensive car? Absolutely nothing. I would rather be the owner of the car; that’s where the true glory resides. Also, it doesn’t matter to me if someone else can afford an expensive car; it doesn’t affect me personally. I have no interest in being with someone because of their wealth; I prefer to have my own wealth.

Envy – Seeing someone in a really nice car sometimes brings out the green-eyed monster in me. It can make me a little sad to see how someone else has so much while I don’t … However, that’s not a very healthy way of thinking because there will always be someone richer and richer … or prettier …. or slimmer … or more successful … This is how the world works.

Motivation – Seeing someone in an expensive car like a Bentley serves primarily as motivation and inspiration. It reminds me of what can be accomplished in life if you work hard and never give up. If anything, it makes me want to work harder and not slack off so that one day I can reach that level of wealth and success.

With all this talk about luxury cars, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s important to live within your means. Dealerships like GMC Dealer Columbus and Buick Dealer Columbus sell affordable and reliable cars. After all; it is not very impressive to drive an exotic car while living in a tiny apartment. Not to mention the fact that a car is a depreciating liability and not an asset.

In conclusion, there are many women who are impressed by the type of cars that men drive and are easily impressed by them. However, for me that is “thinking bankrupt”. Why settle for sitting in the passenger seat when you can be the driver and have the wealth and power to yourself? An outrageously expensive car doesn’t make a guy more attractive to me; it only serves to make me want to compete with them and win. Because I’m competitive, guys in expensive cars inspire me to be more successful in life … it serves as fuel to make me work even harder.

Trust me, when you’re 90 and lying on your deathbed you don’t want to think about your life and think “Wow, the highlight of my life was hanging out with that Lamborghini guy” … Much better being able to look back and think “What a great life I’ve had; I made millions of dollars, accomplished things others can only dream of, owned and enjoyed the best exotic cars and luxury items money could buy, and lived my life without regrets …”

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