Career choice is not what you think

Your career choice is extremely important, however your actions affect the employer. Perhaps you have made a poor career choice and want to change. Penalty fee! Just don’t take it out on your co-workers for being sick or taking too much time off. Be responsible whatever the job today. Everyone in your future will want to know about your past performance, so be very careful how you act or one day you will be mercilessly smacked in the rear.

How important is your job to the team?

Most of us never think about who we might miss… UNTIL there’s a sudden change in things NOT getting done in the office or on the floor. Well, when you stop to think about it… there are more people than we realize that we depend on every day of the week. I know, the first thing we think of is the PAYROLL clerk who writes our weekly paycheck. Then there are others that quickly come to mind… the coffee maker; the postal worker; the guy/girl from UPS or the person from FEDx; cleaning crew and more. A BIG WOW!!

Missing persons never cross our minds before they affect our routine. Suddenly, someone shouts who is going to make the coffee this morning. Where’s the payroll clerk? One of the biggest challenges comes when no one empties the trash cans overnight.

Why is it important for EVERYONE to do their jobs efficiently? It’s like your spark plugs failing when you start the car, right? Just ONE dead plug and we all know something is wrong right away. None of us like the inconvenience and challenge of poor performance with our cars or a teammate.

Ask yourself the question. Who would be affected in their daily routine IF YOU were not at work when expected? Are you important to the smooth running of your office? Department; plant or wherever you accept a paycheck today? Probably very important or your “pink” slip will be here soon.

How about the CEO? Yes, he or she is very important. However, unless he is on the executive floor of the company, his performance is unlikely to affect his daily routine. His job is to THINK and look for ways to build and grow the business. Maybe even BUY competitors for market share and value to your shareholders and, most likely, to you and your co-workers as well.

Before you complain…it’s a good idea to realize that every employee has value to your success just as YOU have value and value to your success as teammates.

ACTION TIP: Before YOU take a sick day or start your vacation…think about how it will affect the smooth running of your equipment. Did you arrange for your job to be covered? Is your supervisor informed and ready for your absence? Be responsible and act like a leader. One day you may be the supervisor or even the CEO or COO…now a promotion to the TOP floor begins!

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