The history of the fax machine

The history of the fax machine is quite interesting. Today, the fax machine is not considered the revolutionary machine that it was when it was first introduced to the market. In fact, some people’s machines for sending and receiving faxes are gathering dust. If you know the history of the fax machine, you might be more inclined to take another look at the old machine stuck in the corner.

The fax machine dates back hundreds of years. In fact, the idea for the machine was based on that of a telegraph. The problem was that no one had the opportunity to quickly send information to each other. Originally, if you needed to talk to someone or transfer information, you had to do it by mail. Therefore, it became necessary to find a way to do this, so that important information could reach people faster. In some cases, this information could mean the difference between life and death!

The first recorded machine for sending fax messages was invented by Alexander Bain in 1843. This machine was a simple version of today’s fax machine and was invented before the telephone! Bain based his construction of the fax machine on the basic principles of electrochemistry, mechanics, and the basis of the telegraph. At first, Bain simply invented a chemical telegraph, which would send long and short lines of information, then he was able to use the same principles to create images through the telegraph. According how things workBain then used a solution of nitrate of ammonia and prussiate of potash to treat the paper. When this was combined with an electrical impulse, he created the first fax pages.

The machine was modified several times before it became the fax machine we use today. When its final form was released on the market, most were amazed and it was a must have for all offices, large or small. It was the first time that people could send information to each other and get a response or changes within minutes. The machine helped improve the quality and productivity of most companies around the world and was the main way of communicating until the invention of email, much later.

When email and the Internet were first introduced to the market, many people believed that there would no longer be any use for the fax machine. This might have been true were it not for another expansion of the fax machine’s functionality. Fax to email provided a service whereby fax messages could be converted to email format. This was essential to keep companies with the most modern technology in contact with companies in rural areas. In fact, fax to email is still in use today.

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