How to Use Elephant Decor in Your Home

Use Elephant Decor in Your Home

Elephants are a symbol of strength, wisdom, family ties, and good fortune. They’re often used in home decor, especially if you follow Vastu and Feng Shui principles. There are many ways to incorporate elephant decor into your home, from paintings and figurines to pillows and throw pillow covers. The right piece can add the perfect touch to any room, whether it’s modern, vintage, rustic or industrial.

If you’re looking for an elephant figurine decor that has spiritual significance and a little extra luck, try this adorable brass piece with a checkered etching. It’s sure to be a conversation starter and will look great on open shelving or even on top of a console table.

According to Vastu, you should keep elephant statues with their trunks up at the front entrance to ward off evil spirits and bring prosperity into your home. The statues should also be positioned so that they appear to be welcoming you inside. The animal is also a symbol of fertility, so if you’re a couple that wants to start a family, you can place a pair of elephants in the bedroom with their trunks facing each other.

Adding a piece of elephant art or statue to your office space can boost creativity and help you achieve success in your career. If you’re a leader or someone who is responsible for leading others, a statue of an elephant with its trunk raised will promote leadership qualities and encourage you to lead your team to success.

How to Use Elephant Decor in Your Home

In Indian mythology, the elephant is a sacred animal and is the vehicle for Lord Ganesha. Hanging a picture or painting of Lord Ganesha with an elephant as the carrier is said to bring you wealth and good luck.

As a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, you can put a piece of elephant decor in your children’s room or study. A painting or statue of an elephant with its trunk raised is considered to be a symbol of learning and will help your kids excel in school. You can also place a statue of seven elephants in a line as this is a sign of longevity and overcoming death.

You can display Vastu-compliant elephant images or artwork in any room of your house, including the bedroom, living rooms, home offices, and study rooms. However, you should avoid keeping them in bathrooms and kitchens, as this may create negative energy. You should also steer clear of any artwork that depicts scenes of animal cruelty. If you’re decorating a children’s room, make sure to choose pieces that are colorful and fun. You can also group your collectible elephant figurines together in a vignette on a shelf or mantelpiece to create a focal point.

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