Does size matter for women? This is what women REALLY want in a man! You may be surprised to hear this!

So, the last old question: Does size matter to women? There is a lot of talk about penis size and whether it is important to women, and if it is, is it girth or length, what is the optimal penis size, etc. There’s a lot of talk, but there’s RARELY any sensible reading. which discusses things in detail. And here it is.

This question has different answers. Although not generally female to female… the difference is types of sex to types of sex. The fact is that the ideal penis size for different types of sexual activity, and here it is.

Anal Sex: For anal sex, an average-sized penis is sufficient for most women. First, the anal opening is much narrower than the vaginal opening, and therefore the same girth and length of the penis entering the vagina will end up applying much more force, pressure, and stimulation when entering the anus. This is where bigger doesn’t necessarily equal better. So for anal sex, the average size penis (6.2 inches) is sufficient.

Vaginal sex: For vaginal sex things are different. The opening is much wider and the stimulation points are much deeper. The clitoral tissue (which is the equivalent of the head of the penis) is actually not just on the clitoris, but it wraps around the entire vagina like a horseshoe, so every time you enter your partner, the pressure and friction that triggers your penis on the vaginal walls are transferred to the clitoral tissue, giving you pleasure. Since there is no direct contact between the penis and the tissue (the wall is in the middle), your penis must be thick and long to cause enough stimulation to your partner’s vagina. For a female orgasm through vaginal sex, your penis simply needs to be big. (7 inches and up).

Oral Sex: Does Size Matter to Women During Oral Sex? Absolutely. And by oral sex I mean HER giving you oral sex. Men can’t easily understand this, but sucking turns women on a lot. When they masturbate alone, it’s usually the memories of a blow job they gave a man that they remember and use to get turned on. And there’s the simple fact that a huge penis is many times more exciting than an average penis, simply because it looks strong and powerful. Sucking and licking this is every woman’s dream, just like sucking and licking perfect breasts is every man’s dream. This is where there is no limit: the bigger your penis, the more pleasure you will get!

Bottom line, for any type of woman and any type of sex, you at least need to be average. And if you don’t plan on having anal sex all the time, then being above average and big definitely helps you in everything you do. Size does matter for women!

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