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iphone 15 plus case wholesale price

iphone 15 plus case wholesale

Wholesale cases are a great way to save money on stylish protection for your Apple iPhone 15. These cases come in bulk, offering significant savings over individual purchases. Protect your new iPhone 15 Plus with a case that fits the style of your personality. Choose from cases with sleek minimalism, bold patterns, or rugged protection.

Designed by Apple, this clear case shows off your iPhone’s brilliant-colored finish and adds extra protection. It’s crafted with a blend of optically transparent polycarbonate and flexible materials. The case fits right over the buttons and has a scratch-resistant coating on both sides. The case also passes 168 hours of yellowing resistance testing. The built-in magnets align perfectly with your iPhone, offering a magical attach experience and faster wireless charging.

Other cases include Mujjo’s full-leather MagSafe Wallet Case, which turns your iphone 15 plus case wholesale price into a physical as well as digital wallet with a leather card pocket for two or three cards. It features a magnetic snap band that keeps the front of your phone securely covered. Another option is MOFT’s translucent Grippcase, which uses the same impact-resistant technology as its other cases and includes “rippled grip ribs” to prevent slips. The case also has eyelets to work with wrist straps and phone slings. It’s made of the same woven fiber material used in bulletproof vests.

iphone 15 plus case wholesale price

The Unicorn Beetle Pro from Supcase is one of the most complete and durable cases we’ve seen. It’s a two-piece case that sandwiches your phone in multiple layers of TPU, rubber and polycarbonate. It’s a bit thicker than most other cases on this list but it feels very solid and protective. It’s been tested to withstand a 20 foot drop which is basically the height of a second-story building.

It also has a MagSafe ring that allows you to connect the case to Apple’s charging stands and pucks. And like most of the other rugged cases we’ve reviewed, it’s waterproof and dustproof too. You can even submerge it in water for 30 minutes without a problem. The only drawback here is that you’ll have to jimmy open the case slightly to connect and disconnect your cable from the charging port. This can be a little annoying but it’s not a deal-breaker. A nice bonus feature is a built-in screen protector that further protects your device’s display.

If you’re in the market for a rugged case that won’t break the bank, the Supcase TPU is an excellent option. It’s made from a combination of shock-absorbing TPU and unbending polycarbonate, and it’s capable of handling a wide variety of tasks throughout the day. It’s even rated for drops from 12 feet, so you can trust it to keep your phone safe from harm.

Another great option from a trusted brand is the Speck Presidio 2 Grip MagSafe with ClickLock. It’s 20% slimmer for a better hand feel, and it features an innovative no-slip inverted grip design that keeps your phone secure. It also provides 13-ft drop protection, and it’s treated with antimicrobial technology from Microban to reduce odor-causing bacteria.

If you’re looking for a more stylish solution, check out the Mujjo Full Leather Case. It’s super thin and lightweight, and it features a built-in MagSafe ring that can hold one or two cards. Plus, it’s made from real leather that will develop a beautiful patina over time. A clear case is the best way to show off your new smartphone. The case’s clear polycarbonate back and transparent buttons allow the phone’s design to shine through. It is also scratch-resistant and includes a raised bezel to protect the camera housing and screen from scratches and shattering.

The Presidio Grip and Pro models are the most protective cases Speck offers. They feature angled rubber ridges on the back that improve grip and prevent the case from sliding off surfaces. They also have port covers to keep water, dust, and lint from damaging your phone’s insides. Unlike other cases, these Speck cases have Microban antimicrobial technology that reduces bacteria by 99%.

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The Speck Presidio Exotech is an ultra-thin case that combines durability with style. It has a built-in grip and is available in multiple colors and designs. The case is also MIL-STD certified to withstand multiple drops and has raised bezels that guard the camera housing and screen.

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