Celebrating the Holidays with KidKraft Jewish Toys

All children should celebrate the holidays. It doesn’t matter if the child is Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or whatever. They still don’t understand culture and religion because they are just kids. As far as they’re concerned, the holiday season is fun. Adults helped explain why children feel this way. Of course, children can sense that something huge is about to happen, even if they are still children. They can watch the Christmas decorations being put up and see people with smiles on their faces. This leads them to believe that something fun is about to happen.

Of course, we have Christmas that Christian children celebrate. They can see Santa Claus in the malls and they are listening to Christmas carols. They also see presents under the Christmas tree. They feel it. They know they are about to receive something special. This is especially true when he grows up and starts writing to “Santa”. He knows that since it is Christmas, he is going to receive a very special gift. Fortunately, there are many Christmas toys that can bring smiles to children’s faces.

What about the Jewish children? They also have a reason to celebrate the holidays as Hanukkah is coming up too. It’s a good thing there are companies like KidKraft that make Jewish toys. In this way, they can also look forward to the holidays, as they can also expect to receive special gifts.

In fact, parents should take this time to slowly transition their children to being Jewish. Being children, they also expect Santa to give them Christmas presents. Of course they should follow a different tradition because they are Jews. If you are Jewish, you can give your child Jewish toys that can slowly but surely introduce him to the faith. You have to make sure you don’t overwhelm him because it can be hard for kids to understand.

For example, KidKraft has a Passover Set toy. You can give it to your child and encourage them to play pretend games with it. You can pretend to play Seder for Passover. A Hanukkah ensemble is also a popular choice so that you can teach your child the joyous spirit of the holiday as he sings and plays with the ensemble. It’s also a great way to introduce him to the tradition of the Jewish faith while teaching him how to spin the dreidel and flip the latkas. As far as your son is concerned, he is just playing. On the other hand, you know that your son is slowly but surely immersing himself in the Jewish faith.

The holiday season is when kids can truly be kids, no matter their religion, tradition, or culture. Fortunately, there are companies like KidKraft that are sensible enough to make Jewish toys for Jewish children.

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