Where to Buy Cheap Clothes for American Girl Dolls

As every girl knows, American Girl is a line of dolls approximately 18 inches tall. Depicted as girls around the age of ten, the American Girl line features the dolls as individuals living in various timelines in American history. The dolls come in different skin and hair colors to cover a wide spectrum of ethnicities. Girls also get detailed and entertaining stories courtesy of the books that come with them at the time of purchase.
Currently, however, the Pleasant Company, the firm that markets the product, has expanded the line. These dolls not only represent periods of American history, but also provide contemporary concepts. There are now dozens of types of dolls on the market, providing a wider range of options for little girls who want their own American Girl doll.

Clothes and accessories

It should be noted that the exquisite quality of these dolls is not the only reason they are a huge success. With little girls’ penchant for dressing their dolls for various occasions, the American Girl (AG) line offers a wide range of clothing to choose from. These clothes can be purchased separately and include contemporary clothing, from elegant pajamas to ballerina tutus. Even the AG dolls that are produced each year change the clothes they are wearing according to the fashion of that year. However, the downside is that these funky clothes and accessories can be expensive.


Creating your own doll clothes is always a good option if you want to learn to sew. This can boost your creativity and imagination. This ensures that your doll wears unique clothing, designed and produced entirely by you. Not to mention the fact that they are definitely less expensive than the clothes that are sold on the official website. Even better is that there are websites like Liberty Jane that sell doll sewing patterns that are affordable and very friendly to sewer beginners. There are also books that you can buy that teach you how to sew 18 inch dolls, Joan Hinds books are the most recommended of all.

Cheaper clothes made especially for American Girl dolls are also available through Amazon. By comparison, you will find a pajama set on the official website that costs $24. On the other hand, pajamas with slippers on Amazon are only priced at $18. Other apparel includes sportswear, casual wear, party wear, and just about any other fashion style for any occasion. Shoes, hats, bags, and other accessories are also available cheaper on Amazon compared to the official website. There are also other manufacturers of cheap but cute clothing for AG dolls such as Emily Rose, Silly Monkey and Pink Planet. They are worth taking a look at.

The wide range of AG clothing options makes it possible for little boys to choose the best one that suits their tastes. In fact, you may even find doll clothes that are the same style and colors as yours. This would definitely be a source of enjoyment, creating fun and unique items for your toy.

American Girl dolls are something every girl will cherish and enjoy during their growing years. Considering how much girls love toys and how much they want to dress them up, it’s no wonder this toy is one of the most appreciated items on the gift list. Bigger than the usual Barbie, American Girl dolls will give your princess endless hours of fun.

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