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Vaginal itching and yeast infection: super remedies that will solve your problems fast

Vaginal itching among women is a common problem. Vaginal itching can usually be caused by a number of reasons. Some of them are poor hygiene practices, forgotten tampons, and yeast infections. If your vaginal itching is accompanied by a foul smelling, thick white discharge, inflammation in the vaginal areas, it is more likely that you are infected by a candida yeast infection.

To treat yeast infection, there are several ways to do it. No, it’s not in the use of antibiotics or steroids or anything that involves chemicals. What I am showing you in this article are some of the best natural home remedies for yeast infection that are very safe and effective.

For extreme vaginal itching and inflammation in the vaginal areas, what you can do is to use Apple Cider Vinegar combined with Black Seed Oil or commonly known as Nigella Sativa. After you’ve cleaned yourself up, cleanse the affected areas of your vagina with apple cider vinegar. Remember to dilute the vinegar with warm water before applying. Direct contact of irritated skin with apple cider vinegar can cause a stinging effect.

Once you have applied the apple cider vinegar solution, you should continue to apply Nigella Sativa oil to such areas as well. Repeat this process when necessary or at least twice a day. Nigella Sativa or Black Seed have many very powerful properties that are almost impossible to list here.

However, two of the components in Black Seed that are very helpful in treating vaginal itching and Candida yeast infections are thymoquinone and selenium. These two components are known to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that can cure vaginal itching and yeast infections very quickly.

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