The Toyota Scion – Taking Advantage of Generation Y’s Untapped Market Share

Launched in 2004, Toyota launched the Scion line in hopes of getting the attention of the generation.
Y. This generation market is made up of more than 75 million people who really do not have
association with a vehicle brand. In five to ten years, this generation will constitute an important
part of car consumers. The market approach that Toyota has adopted is completely different from the
your other line of vehicles. The approach has been to use the Internet and take a
“underground” marketing approach that is not conventional. Toyota has incorporated an interactive
online community to maintain and capture the attention of this modern and avant-garde demographic.

The Toyota Scion lineup is growing with new models that reflect the lifestyle and tastes of Generation Y.
Current models available are xB, xD, tC and rumors of an xP model which is a mid-size pickup.
The average age of a Toyota consumer as of February 2007 is 54 years old. Average Scion Buyer
The age is the lowest in the industry, at 39. Scions have an increasingly after market
accessory bonanza that keeps buyers interested in additional new features for their cars. toyota has
includes forty accessories for each vehicle plus wheel covers and audio. the aftermarket
it will consist of superchargers and drop kits. Scion’s R&D team has been passing on its technology to
SEMA (Special Equipment Manufacturers Association) to help produce a strong aftermarket. East
It is the first time in Toyota’s history that technology has been shared outside the organization.
Scion dealers are creating environments where multiple questions raised by consumers can be answered.
places. Its purpose is to allow the consumer the freedom to explore each section of the showroom in
your own speed Scion’s philosophy is to incorporate sales and marketing together to create a
Simple and comfortable sales experience.

A Scion showroom includes:

*Plasma TV to highlight the characteristics of the vehicle,

* fabric shades for interior options

*Showcase accessories

*Information kiosk with printer to save and print customizations

*Certified Scion Sales Personnel on site for further guidance

Scion continues an experiential marketing approach that emphasizes consumer intimacy
Interaction. All Scion dealers will receive an in-depth six-day training course throughout the
country this year. This training is to teach and help dealers relate to
Generation Y personalities. By 2010, this generation will constitute 40 percent of car consumers.
Scions are also marketed with a “pure price,” which states that the advertised price is equal to the actual transaction price. This cost applies to accessories, insurance and finance. The Scion group sees this as consistent and transparent selling, giving buyers a sense of confidence.

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