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The most common problems that a public speaker may encounter

Even if you often give presentations at work, school, or events, you may still feel that fear of getting up in front of a large audience to speak. It is the most significant fear among many, greater even than the fear of death!

If you have specific problems giving your speech, you are not alone. Even experienced speakers can be weakened by anxious thoughts and find a mistake. What you should know is that a considerable part of the anxiety associated with public speaking can be reduced. It is done by paying more attention to the most common problems encountered in the process:

Lack of confidence – there is one thing for sure about public speaking: if you lack confidence, you will alienate the audience. This is because nervousness is accompanied by negative visual and vocal cues, which are easily picked up by the audience. In other words, people are more likely to focus on your negatives than on your best. The best way to fix this is to prepare perfectly for your presentation and spend time practicing and preparing. That way you will have a sense of control, which overcomes anxiety. That will also affect the audience and make them believe in your message.
Lack of attention to the audience: If you do not know the audience and do not pay attention to them, the presentation will hardly be successful. You’d do well to research the culture, values, age, and knowledge level before you go in and give a speech. All that knowledge will help you get the right content for them. There is also contact with the audience to think. Don’t avoid eye contact and try to read their expressions. Try to attract their attention by adding a bit of humor to your presentation and explain to them that it benefits them personally.

Disorganization: Organizing and preparing your presentation material is one of the most important tasks. You should think about researching your audience, the topic of interest, and the sources of information. Create an attention-grabbing introduction and come up with a way to present each point in an engaging way. Be sure to wrap up with a conclusion that is precise and direct to the main topic. Don’t talk on the fly, because that’s a sure recipe for disaster unless you’re a master at improv.

Lack of time management: Before giving the speech, you need to practice thoroughly. Say the words, as that will give you a clear clue of what to improve and what you are doing wrong. Watch your voice and intonation, try to project enthusiasm. Record yourself during the practice process so you can catch glitches that would otherwise disrupt your speech. The essay also contributes to familiarity with the material.

Time management – speeches often turn out to be a bit short or too long. The most common problem with speakers is that they spend overtime because they haven’t properly rehearsed their presentation. In general, you should prepare to give an 8-minute speech within the 10-minute time frame so you don’t overdo it.

These are the standard problems of public speaking, which you must learn to overcome. Only then will you be able to deliver fantastic speeches.

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