The history of the Pods mobile container

Gone are the days when a moving company’s only means of relocation was through the use of a rental truck. The stress of being in a rush, not to mention the long drive, made moving in a nightmarish experience. However, in recent years, stress has been relieved through the use of on-demand, portable movement units called pods. Perhaps the desire for a comfortable and stress-free move is what inspired the creation of the capsule moving container.

The PODS® company, founded by Peter Warhurst in 1998, was initially a family owned storage business. Recognizing the need for practicality, the pods were made available in various sizes and advertised as storage units. These units, at first, were kept in warehouses and were not transportable. However, Warhurst was faced with the challenge of making the pods more appealing to the public, which inspired the invention of Podzilla™.

Podzilla™, a hydraulic lifting system, was designed to provide operators with a quick and easy method of lifting and transporting pods. A lifting system is needed because the mobile pods conveniently sit flat on the ground, allowing the motor to simply walk onto the pod, without the use of a ramp. This feature alone contributed to the success of PODS® and the appeal of the mobile pod.

The effectiveness of the pod is what led other major movers to offer a portable moving and storage solution. U-Haul® offers a portable moving unit, the U-Box™, that can hold up to 2,000 pounds. U-Pack® offers the Relo-Cube™, which is designed to fit perfectly into a standard-size parking space. Both the U-Box™ and Relo-Cube™ offer the same easy drop-off and pick-up options as the mobile pod PODS.

Due to the success of moving units and other portable units, there has been a decline in moving truck rentals. Moving trucks, although they can hold 6-7 rooms of furniture and belongings, are a headache to load and can be difficult to maneuver. Some moving companies prefer to rent multiple modules or units just for the convenience they offer. With life so hectic, it seems that anything that can make a move less difficult is welcome.

Since the late 1980s, mobile containers have been seen in driveways and highways, storing and transporting belongings, and for good reason. In this fast-paced world, a moving capsule offers the mover the opportunity to step back, assess and assess the situation, without having to rush or pressure to meet a deadline. While moving trucks remain an important method of movement, container movers are rapidly gaining popularity.

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