The ban on greyhound racing in the ACT

This is a big issue in the Australian Capital Territory as the greyhound industry prepares to legally challenge the government’s break-up of it. The question is whether it constitutes a sport or a business that exploits innocent animals and causes them pain and suffering. The other agenda at stake here is the crackdown on gambling in the territory. One cannot see one supporting a racing industry while denying other forms of it.

The feeling in the political arena is that people are spending too much on things like poker machines and other forms of gambling. As a result, many addicts have become homeless or dependent on charities and the like. There is also the matter of cruelty in the greyhound business when secret cameras filmed live batting at training sessions.

The animals in these images were rabbits, kittens, and possums, which were eventually butchered. That was after being strapped into a machine and driven at high speed around the track with a pack of dogs in pursuit.

As a pet owner and one who respects all life, these kinds of things have disgusted me. Even more like years ago when I gave away some kittens and a man told me that he only wanted one to train his dogs. He never got it from me and my words to him were not so kind.

What is there in the human psyche that supports this kind of animal cruelty? That is what the Minister who issued the ban has also requested. Surely it is up to society to support their judgment and let the matter go to court where, hopefully, the judge will favor the victims over those who make money from them.

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