Surprise your family at Christmas with photos

Every Christmas, many moms struggle to buy gifts. They can buy cheap trinkets, but they are unlikely to be appreciated. They can explore thrift stores and hope they’ll be lucky to find some worthwhile pieces, but they shouldn’t be depending on that plan. A great solution is to be crafty and make Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Time, not money, is the investment when it comes to handmade gifts. Everyone always appreciates something that you put a great deal of time and energy into creating. Handmade items are unique and sincere. Some women feel that gifting people with handmade items is cheap or in poor taste, but recipients often prefer meaningful gifts to expensive store-bought items. They know that it takes genuine thought and care to give gifts.

Gifts can be even more special when they incorporate photos. Photo albums make a great gift, especially since most people only use digital cameras these days. A mother who wants to give wonderful gifts that involve pictures should consider making photo books. There are many websites that print photos for a small fee. This is good because you don’t need to take photos on real film to create physical photos. Even older photos or those taken from social media websites can be uploaded and then printed. These images can be pasted into traditional photo albums or hand-decorated notebooks.

Gifts like this work best when there’s some kind of topic involved and it doesn’t have to be grand or complicated, you just need to provide a little direction. These themes work especially well for sisters, cousins, and other female relatives who are likely sentimental.

Male relatives will prefer joke gifts like photo mugs. The more out of context the image is, the funnier the mug will be. Acquiring the photo can be difficult. One idea is to ask the boy’s mother or wife to provide a photo of when he was a baby. It will be tempting to choose the most embarrassing image in an effort to be funny, but it could be risky as some people don’t take that kind of joke well. In this case, it is safer to choose an image that shows the man looking his best, even if it is not as funny as the embarrassing images.

Photo mugs can be ordered online. Once the image is chosen, it can be uploaded to a website and printed on a plain coffee mug. These companies typically make mugs within a week of ordering. Enterprising artisans can be even more economical by placing the photo in a mug by hand.

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