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Stuck for ideas? Here are some simple concepts to get you unstuck based on brain function

If you don’t have creative ideas, a simple change can lead to surprising solutions. Focusing completely on another area or relaxing in general

are some effective and inexpensive ways to do this.


You may laugh, but most business owners find that taking a shower (or running) helps them develop originality.

When we focus intensely on a job, we tend to see only part of the big picture. It is when we avoid the task of generating concepts that our brains begin to grapple with associations.

You may find that when run or ride a bike, you begin to see common ground. It happens all the time you see bloggers writing posts like “10 Things Marketing Departments Should Get From Triathletes” or “Ways to Work Like Richard Branson by Thinking Like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

These concepts come from associations we have, but then the rain envelops us in a field of negative ions. The satisfying action of these ions injects dopamine into our systems, and dopamine, combined with a favorable mindset, helps motivate the circulation of favorable concepts.

Psychologically design yourself after someone else

Have you ever heard the expression “Exactly what would MacGyver do if he were here right now?” It’s psychologically associating yourself with someone who you think would have the answer. Double down on your creative work, as it also breaks down barriers you might otherwise think exist to prevent you from discovering the ideal fit.

Yes, in the TV show or movie, MacGyver could use a match to break out of prison, so if you believe like him, you should at least be able to find a way out of your locked bathroom without having to go through the humiliation of yelling out the window at your next door neighbor.

just get out of your house

Another factor that works so well for running and traveling to promote concepts is that when we leave your house we take in and move around more oxygen. The increased oxygen helps increase brain function, and a change in configuration helps the brain begin to respond in different ways to different stimuli.

Accept your misconceptions

Yes, there is a dark side to this incredible power of incredible concepts. It’s the really silly and spontaneous concepts that include them.

Don’t be discouraged by having a bad concept, it’s all part of the procedure. Just accept that, after looking at the concept, it was bad.

In truth, there are no really silly concepts. There is only the stupidity of acting on bad concepts without offering them enough planning. Don’t be discouraged by having a bad concept, it’s all part of the procedure. Just accept that, after taking a look at the concept, it was bad.

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