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StarTrac treadmill

Have you decided it’s time to buy a treadmill for those winter times when you can’t get out for a walk? Maybe you have one, but you’re a bit old and want something that’s more up-to-date on technology and gives you the ability to cool down while you sweat. Well look no further, we have the one for you. You will definitely want to look at a Star Trac treadmill right now.

The Star Trac S-Trx treadmill is something like the rest. This Star Trac treadmill gives you the workout of your dreams plus you can create your own program while you exercise and you can also adjust the personal fans that are built into the console of the Star Trac treadmill. They also included oversized buttons to make it much easier to program your treadmill without accidentally pressing the wrong buttons.

You’ll also walk or run in style with the Soft Trac triple cell cushioning system with maximum shock absorption so you train with ease instead of pain. With wonderful dynamic heart rate controls, you’ll be able to adjust your workout to your heart rate as it rises and falls without having to stop your workout. A great addition to this great Star Trac treadmill would be the maximum weight capacity which is 350lbs.

The ST Fitness 8910 Star Trac treadmill is another great choice when looking for a wonderful treadmill for a great workout. With its 60″ x 20″ padded suspended running deck, you’ll stay comfortable without feeling like you’re running out of space as you ramp up your workout. You also have the option with four different program profiles along with two heart rate programs and a custom profile for all your training needs.

You can track calories burned, distance traveled or jogged, along with your heart rate, incline, the amount of time you’ve been exercising, and of course, your speed. With all these options, you’ll feel like you’re in control instead of the machine. The Star Trac treadmill will have a capacity of up to 350 lbs. Of course, with any technological training machine you will pay a pretty penny for them. This Star Trac treadmill will cost around $2,300.00 but is well worth it in the end with the results you will notice.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a basic Star Trac treadmill that will give you a great workout but without all the extra monitors and other special features, the Lamar L 1300 may be for you. This one is at the bottom of the price list around $1,000.00 and will still give you heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled or walked, speed and incline sensors without the personal fans.

You still have the options of eight different computer programs and you’ll have great one-touch access to level up your workout. Just because you won’t shell out a few thousand on a Star Trac treadmill doesn’t mean your workout will be any different. You’ll still feel like you’re working out on the high-quality treadmill after working out on the L 1300.

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