Sprint PCS Phone Now with Sirius – A cool new feature is now available for satellite radio fans!

Note: The author is not associated with Sirius or Howard Stern in any way and this article is intended to be an analysis of the shift to Sirius Satellite Radio by Howard Stern and the events surrounding it.

A very cool new feature for satellite radio fans is now available!

Sprint PCS / NEXTEL subscribers can now pay just $ 6.95 to get Sirius Music on their multimedia technology phones. Twenty channels of commercial-free music are available, and Sprint PCS Vision subscribers can now enjoy 20 channels of original, commercial-free SIRIUS music that play an incredible variety of music. There’s even a channel dedicated to headlining artist interviews and offering exclusive content, like guest performances.

Sirius has censored some music stations because of this agreement with Sprint, although they are not required by law, they have chosen to do so. However, there are quite a few regulations that Sprint must adhere to regarding its service. Unfortunately, this has affected Sirius Satellite Radio listeners.

The Sirius / Sprint line includes the following:

POP / R & B

SIRIUS Hits 1: Today’s Top 40 Hits.

The Pulse: Pop and Rock from the 90s to the present.


· Vibrations of the 60s: The musical revolution of the 60s and early 70s.

Totally ’70s: The most popular music of the 70s.

Big 80s: the hit music of the 80s.


Classic Vinyl – Classic rock from the sixties and seventies.

Classic rewind: second generation of classic rock.

Hair Nation: Rock of the great hairs of the 80s.

· First Wave: pioneering Alt-rock artists and sounds.

· Alt Nation: The best alternative rock of the 90s and today.


Hot Jamz: The current hits of hip-hop and R&B.

Heart & Soul: R&B hits of the 80s, 90s and today.


· New Country: The best new country music.

Prime Country – Country music superstars of yesterday and today.


· Jazz Cafe: Soft jazz vocals and instrumentals.

· SIRIUS Blues: authentic blues music, from the past to the present.

Broadway’s Best: songs from the most popular Broadway shows.


· The Beat: the biggest hits and dance remixes of today.

· Area63: Trance and progressive house dance music.

Chill – A relaxing mix of slow-paced rock and electronics.


· Hear interviews and performances from your favorite artists.

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