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Simplified family vacations

Looking back at the parenting years and the need for a budget vacation brings back memories of my beautiful caravan we called Big Mac. It was large with three bunks in the back and a shower with a toilet. It had lovely lounges and kitchen areas where the seating turned into two double beds. The closets and storage areas were large and accommodated a family of five.

The first time we took it off, we headed to the resort of Coffs Harbor in northern New South Wales and took a spot at the local trailer park. It was a stone’s throw from the beach and the park itself was on the riverbank. It was a magnificent place and fishing, swimming, and other leisure activities were just what we expected.

Later the truck was taken to Forster, again on the north coast of New South Wales and there the water is always 72 degrees and the weather is perfect. The place is famous for fishing and the weather and we had a great time there for several holidays it was fantastic.

After the truck was finally sold, much to my regret, our vacation became less extravagant. Purchasing a three bedroom tent with annex, and all the trimmings, gave us the opportunity to stay once again in some great fishing and vacation spots, this time on the south coast of New South Wales and northeast of Victory.

This vacation was affordable and enjoyable with lots of fun. They are more suitable for a family than vacation rooms or motels. They are also cheaper and not as cheap. Getting through the parenting stage of my life was so much easier because of the vacations that wouldn’t have happened otherwise if it weren’t for the simple way they were carried out.

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