Showering to increase your chances of having a baby boy

I often write about your baby’s natural choice of sex. Most people know that douching can be an easy and inexpensive way to alter your body’s PH to make it more gender-friendly. Although this may be true, there are many misconceptions. For example, many women have heard that douching with baking soda will give you a child. While the idea behind this is correct, baking soda alone is often not enough. I will explain why this is the case in this article. I will also explain the correct way to douche if you want a boy, and offer you some other variables to consider if you are trying to conceive a baby boy.

The science behind douching to conceive a boy: You may know that douching is a tool for having a child, but do you know why? It is due to the characteristics of the child’s sperm. The sperm (Y) a child produces is faster, which is a bonus. But it’s also weaker, which can put you at a serious disadvantage. For example, female sperm can live in your reproductive tract for days, no matter the environment, but you must treat male sperm with children’s gloves. An acidic environment can be a real challenge for male sperm, which is where douching comes in.

Why douching with baking soda is often not enough to get a low enough pH for a baby boy: Now that you understand why we shower, it’s also very important to understand that how you shower can make a big difference. Hopefully, I’ve shown you why a weak child’s sperm and high pH don’t mix. So there is no doubt that you have to make your vagina more alkaline. Most people’s minds then turn to baking soda because it is an alkaline substance. But, unless it is already naturally highly alkaline, baking soda is often not strong enough to produce an environment that will be low enough to ensure Y sperm are safe. There are alternatives that can sometimes work better. (You can even try this, which I’ll discuss below.)

The correct way to shower to have a child: Many people approach this process by flying blind. They have no idea how acidic they really are, so they half-put effort into douching and just hope they’re doing it right. There is a better way. Go out and buy yourself some vaginal pH test strips at a nutrition center or online. Then find out exactly where it falls. Now, you are armed with important information on how many tweaks you really need. (Many women will find that they have a long way to go. But it is better to know so that you are proactive.) And there are recipes available (in addition to baking soda) that can get very dramatic results at home. It is also important that you continue to monitor to know exactly when you have achieved your goal and are ready to start trying for a child.

If you want to check how well the baking soda is working, test yourself before a baking soda shower and then after. Often times, you will find that there is not enough change to get you “into the boy zone.”

Food and your diet can also help lower your PH: If you want to get a “kid-safe” PH as quickly as possible, adding an alkaline diet to your regimen can help you get there quickly. This just means avoiding high PH foods and stacking your diet with foods that will neutralize your body and reduce your reading. Again, there are food lists available that can make this easier for you. If you’re reasonably careful about this and combine it with douching, you shouldn’t have to do it for long. If you’re not in a great rush, you can skip this step if you want, but it’s an alternative if speed is a concern.

Other things you can do to help conceive a child: The PH and acidity are very important to conceive a child, but you are not free from home yet. People who fail in this process often do so because they are only trying to alter ONE variable out of a few. You really can’t leave much to chance here. The child’s sperm are too weak to leave them vulnerable.

You will also need to time your conception to occur at the end of your fertility cycle (the day of ovulation, preferably). Don’t leave this to chance. Invest in an ovulation predictor to be safe.

And, use sex / sexual positions that ensure that you place the sperm where it is very close to your cervix (for most, this is deep penetration). You do this because it gives you time, and time is precious when you are dealing with short-lived child’s sperm.

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