Service and success go hand in hand

As business people, we all produce a product or offer a service that we sell for a price and make a profit. Our intention should be to get a fair return on the amount of time, expertise, energy, and materials we have to invest in making our products. In the world of project and equipment financing, our goal is to serve the client; to help the business owner obtain the equipment he needs or the capital he needs to keep growing. We benefit from those efforts as any other business owner would expect, and the more successfully we can support a growing business, the better for everyone. The key is in the quality of the service; we have to be able to get the approval of customers so that we all benefit.

During the financing effort, we sometimes have to redirect a customer’s plans, which may be to select a less expensive piece of equipment, or to obtain used equipment that can do the job just as well, or to repair credit or settle liens before attempting to finance. a new machine; these options may be the best direction to take for the business owner. Sometimes if there are too many issues it can just be a time to wait and put things on hold because forcing a high risk acquisition can be sure doom for a small business. If we want to be successful we have to offer our products in a way that adds real value to our customers; if they don’t, then your customer becomes a one-time deal and the chances of repeat business and loyalty are unlikely; Without customer loyalty, I think we can all agree that our efforts will feel like we’re endlessly rowing against the current.

Let us all be the light that makes a transaction memorable; the solution to someone’s wishes and goals. Once you create a positive experience with a customer, they will come back again and again because they know what to expect from your service. We all patronize businesses that we believe will give us effort and have the best intentions of supporting us. We’ve all gone to that little restaurant that’s out of the way because they do our favorite dish or they use that auto mechanic because he’s thorough about fixing his car and seems to do it right or that equipment supplier who has great after-sales service. and always answers your calls. Sometimes these businesses may be out of the way, priced higher, or have smaller selections, but we still choose to use them because there is value in what they offer. In the end, it is the effort and service that matters and paves the way to success.

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October 8, 2022