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Sales scripts that work are scripts that spark interest and get prospects to come to you for help.

Many business owners and salespeople feel that if you are helpful to prospects, they will see value in using your product or service. They believe that when you keep answering questions, the prospect will surely see that you are different from others and feel compelled to use what you have to offer. You will surely be seen as different; it will be seen as a free information service.

Just consider for a moment the Google search engine. Google gives hundreds of millions of people the ability to find information, but most people don’t buy ANYTHING from them directly. Unless you plan to sell ads on your phone calls, I encourage you to consider that being helpful is not the best way to convert a prospect into a customer.

It’s really not your fault. Most sales conversion courses treat sales like a game or promise you a conversion “miracle script.” Your livelihood is not a game. I certainly wouldn’t want you to count on a miracle to get the sale either. To make your sales scripts something you can count on every day, I encourage you to consider the following:

  1. stop selling – Sales scripts that try to “sell” anything will fail miserably. People sell themselves daily through commercials, billboards, the radio and more and they’re tired of it. When you call on the phone, understand that you are not selling anything, you are simply finding a match for your product/service with a certain number of prospects.
  2. Arouse the interest of your prospects – When you stop selling, you will have the opportunity to help your prospects through questions. By asking questions that carefully reveal how they could save time, money, or both, they will begin to ask you how it can be done. At the point when your prospects are trying to get information from you about your specific offer, you can carefully lead them to the sale.
  3. make easy – This is the last step and unfortunately one of the hardest for people to master. You’ve prepared the prospectus, piqued their interest, and then don’t share with them the next step! Your next step might be to have an office appointment to sign the paperwork. That would be nice, just tell the prospect. If the next step is for the prospect to get your credit card over the phone, tell them that too. Make it easy for your prospect to take the last step.

There is no magic in sales scripts that work. It is not a game or a miracle when they work, it simply means that you have allowed yourself to stop selling, you have piqued the interest of your prospects and you make it easy for them to take action. Follow these 3 simple elements on every call and watch your sales soar.

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