Rent a house in Leeds, and share with you the little-known dry goods essentials!

Renting a room off campus

Generally, there are several elements to consider when renting a room, one is the price, but the location, three is the quality of the room, and four is the time to move in.


For most Chinese students, the most important factor to consider when renting a room in the UK is the price. The rent of university dormitories in the UK is definitely not the highest among similar rooms in the same city, but it is not likely to be the lowest either. It is basically no problem to find a cheaper place to live off-campus than the university dormitory. The problem is that if you find a house off-campus that is too far from the school, then you may have to add to the cost of transportation or be tired of running around every day. For St. Ann’s, houses in town are easily accessible but more expensive; houses that are slightly more remote are much cheaper.


Most of the dormitories in UK universities are located right in the campus or near the campus, a few minutes walk to the classroom; even if the dormitory is far away from the campus, then there is definitely a shuttle bus or a direct bus. If you are renting an off-campus room, it is best to be near the campus or near a shuttle bus stop, as long as it is easy to get around. At St. Ann’s, there are no school shuttles, only buses! The buildings of each department are also scattered around town, so it is recommended that you choose a dormitory or house that is closer to your department.

The quality of the rooms

Quality does not only refer to the size and orientation of the room, but there are some other very important additions. Most houses in the UK are structurally old and can give rise to many problems, such as water leaks. Whether it is a school dormitory or off-campus housing, there are often different prices and sizes, which you will need to see for yourself. In St. Ann’s, rooms vary from dormitory building to dormitory building, please refer to here for details.

Time to move in

This may not sound like an important matter, but it can be a real problem if you don’t consider it. When universities in the UK send out acceptance letters to new students, they also send out application forms for dormitory Leeds student accommodation; priority is given to international students, so if Chinese students apply for dormitory accommodation in advance, they will be able to move in the day they arrive in the UK. If you plan to rent a room off-campus, it is best to ask a friend who is already in the same city to help you do so before you arrive in the UK. If you plan to rent a room after you arrive in the UK, you should make sure to book a hotel beforehand.

Types of accommodation


Homestay is a good arrangement with good facilities. You’ll be safe, have someone to look after your needs, and unless the family has very young children, it won’t be noisy. However, it is important to pick the right family. Usually schools will have some information about homestay, which you can ask for. They will speak English to you and help you improve your conversation skills. You will probably get to know how the British people live.

Student accommodation

At the university, student accommodation in Leeds is offered to international students for at least the duration of the first year of the course. However, it is best to accept the halls of residence offered to you early, as few universities can offer housing to every student and the university needs to know early on which rooms will be available. Living in university halls of residence has these benefits: you will have the opportunity to meet your peers from the UK and around the world; you will be able to participate in activities organized by others in the halls; you will be able to join the university’s clubs and even become a stalwart of them. When you first arrive at school, no one will know anything about you, but after a year of living with others in the dormitory, you will discover and learn a lot about yourself and others; and most dormitory rent includes water, electricity, gas and internet.

Two-in-one living room (studio)

A two-in-one living room/bedroom is a single room apartment in a large house. It has a single bed or a small double bed, vanity, possibly a stove and some furniture, including some grids, shelves, and a desk. Guest bedrooms come in a variety of sizes, some with so much space that you can partition off some of it with a curtain; others are very cramped. Unless you are living in a building with a lot of students and then young people, it is too lonely for a freshman to live like this. This kind of guest bedroom is also not the best environment for reading and writing.


Boarding was once the most traditional form of student accommodation and is still used by students in many countries today. Boarding is renting a room in a family’s home, which is the same as a family dormitory, but with a different relationship. When you rent a room, you can also ask the family to arrange to make your breakfast or to do your laundry. Your relationship with the host family is more like that of a tenant and landlord. You will probably see very little of the family and they will not make the effort to interact with you at their leisure, nor will they make a special effort to speak to you in English.

Shared housing

Shared housing is the most common form of accommodation, and most students choose to share a room with several people to save money. The hardest time to rent is late August and September, when new graduates are flocking to the city, looking for both work and housing, in what has been dubbed the UK’s “”housing season””. If you’re looking for an apartment at this time, be prepared to spend some extra time. To save time and energy, you can either pay a commission and ask an agent to look for a property, or you can look online and shop around before making a decision.”

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