Relaunch of the New York Cosmos kit

The legendary New York Cosmos team is getting a makeover in style with new releases of their classic kit from British sportswear manufacturer Umbro. The all-star soccer team that used to include soccer heroes like Pelé and Beckenbauer is reforming with Pelé and Eric Cantona.

During its time between 1971 and 1985 before it sadly closed due to Pele leaving the club and the general decline of the North American Soccer League, the New York Cosmos won 5 national tournaments and the Transatlantic Cup 3 times.

Since the club’s failure there have been numerous attempts to reform and relaunch the club, sadly without success. However, an announcement of the new honorary president, Pelé, in August 2010 marked the return of the Cosmos to football.

Classic football clothing with a great heritage

In 1971, when the team was founded, the colors green and yellow were chosen in an attempt to attract Brazilian soccer player Pelé to the United States team. By sheer chance these colors were very similar to the New York Generals, who had recently collapsed at the end of the 1968 season. Pelé joined the club in 1975, which led to the uniform colors changing to a completely new look. white to imitate Peles’ former club from Brazil, Santos.

The new kit for the reformed team is being designed and produced by UK clothing manufacturer Umbro. The new uniform is inspired by the 1977 uniform that Pelé wore during his last professional soccer game.

This inspiration and influence can be clearly seen in the new releases of the kits with the recognizable green and yellow collar. The jersey also features the classic number 10 on the back along with Pele’s name. Other on-pitch merchandise includes a black goalkeeper jersey, white shorts and cool white socks with green and yellow stripes.

Along with the fantastic variety of on-course shots, there is a variety of off-course equipment to complement it. One of the most attractive pieces is the Anthem jacket in the same striking Brazilian green with yellow and white stripes around the collar. On the back of the jacket is the striking New York Cosmos logo printed in high quality.

Another classic off-field piece is the 76-77 Classic White Jersey, again featuring Pele’s famous number 10. Those familiar with Umbro shorts will be happy to know that the classic checkerboard style will join the rest of the cosmos line. up.

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