Realty Trac Review

RealtyTrac is the fastest growing online real estate marketplace.

They have been chosen to provide foreclosure data to MSN Real Estate, Yahoo! Real Estate,,, Earthlink, Cox Company, Living Choices, The Wall Street Journal’s Real Estate Journal, Primedia and many others.

RealtyTrac publishes a “US Foreclosure Market Report” monthly and is the most cited foreclosure trend report in the country. They have been featured on major network news and in many national publications.

I took advantage of the 7-day free trial and was impressed by the amount of relevant information available.

Using the free trial, we search for property valuations, the three stages of foreclosure for individual properties, many property comparables, including maps, property loan histories, MLS associations, lien and bankruptcy data, and photos of approximately 10% of the properties.

We also receive daily email notifications of properties that fit our investment requirements. They even offered to let us send postcards directly to delinquent homeowners.

On top of everything else, we were able to appraise, order and track properties en masse and create mail merge lists. Calculate how much time you will save and the ease of evaluating the property while sitting at home and you will arrive at the right decision. That decision will be to sign up for the free trial and use that information to increase your income. Work smart and not hard!

How was I able to invest in foreclosures without RealtyTrac?

Give it a try… You’ll love it and you’ll earn more money than ever!

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