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My Personal Rev Abs Review

OK, being a Team Beach body trainer, we get the lowdown on the new products that are coming out. So, in October of 2009, we had an informative webinar on a product called Rev Abs created by Brett Hoebel. Brett Hoebel is an international fitness expert and one of the most sought after weight loss, nutrition and lifestyle coaches in New York. He has also been in the fitness field for 15 years. In Rev Abs he has a system that he created called Abcentrics, which basically means that his movements target the abs from 6 different angles. Brett teaches you his favorite moves from this unique Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. So during the webinar I could see that everything he talked about made sense and Rev Abs was very low priced and required nothing more than a few bands or dumbbells. So I bought Rev Abs and it arrived about 5 days later. I opened it up and it came with 8 exercise DVDs, Fat Caliper, an exercise calendar, a nutrition guide (Do the 14-Day Slim Down: I Lost 13 Pounds in 14 Days), a Program Guide, and even an On-The-Go Workout called anytime/anywhere abs. It is a 90-day program divided into 2 phases of 45 days each.

The Phase 1+ 2 workouts are:

Abcentrics/ How to do Capoeira – you learn to shoot your abs for maximum results. 15 minutes

Fire up your abs – Calorie burning cardio intervals that work your core from 6 different angles – 40 min Phase 1

Power Intervals – High Intensity Cardio with Endurance Lower Body Interval Movement – 30 min Phase 1

Total Strength – A great full body workout! 45 minutes Phrase 1

Mercy Abs – It’s all about the abs in this lol-15 min. Phrase 1

Fat-Burning Sit-Ups: An Energetic Routine of New Sit-Ups and Cardio Combinations That Lives Up to Its Name – 40 min. Phase 2

Power Intervals 2 – Lower Body Endurance Moves & Crazy Cardio – 30 min. Phase 2

Strength and Endurance – This full body workout is no joke my friends! 30 minutes Phase 2

Ruthless Crunches – This abs workout has no breaks and hits the abs! 15 minutes. Phase 2

Rev it up Cardio is a great cardio interval workout that really gets the sweat flowing. 40 minutes Phase 2

The 6 angles I talked about above are Upward, Downward Flexion, Double Flexion, Torsion, Extension, and Lateral Flexion!

During my first week I couldn’t believe how sore my core and body were. I think I was really pushing hard because I was on the 14-day Jump Start program (I lost 13 pounds!). During workouts, Brett talks very positively about being a part of the fitness revolution and being a role model. He is also a very funny person. He says some funny quotes like when you start to get tired during a workout your mind kicks in to stop you, he calls it Chatter. When the speakerphone calls, Brett says to tell him to talk to the hand lol. Also Brett sometimes says that he’s the dues collector and when you work out if you work out right your back should be sweating so he goes and checks everyone to see if they’re sweating. He calls himself a member of the sweat police. He is a great motivator and coach and makes working out fun.

During workouts, Brett not only works on your body but also on your mind in a very positive way. He also has a conversation test that he calls the anthem to gauge his intensity during workouts. It’s like this Rev it High Rev it Low I’m very committed and ready to go. This will tell you if you are at the right intensity. If it is said completely without stopping, the intensity increases. I use a heart rate monitor that does the same thing as the talk test or the anthem. I really can’t believe all the inches I’m losing. I just did my last week 11/Day 77 workout and my results just keep getting better! I really liked the meals in the Rev nutrition guide, they really are effective and give me energy for my workouts. I added the Shakeology drink to my nutrition to make sure I was getting all my servings of fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t make sense to do everything you can to get fit and not do the same with your diet.

I believe in maximizing my results, not to mention that summer is right around the corner! I’m a big believer in Beachbody products, and I’m also realistic that it all depends on our initial efforts and determination to get the best results. It didn’t take me 90 days to get in terrible shape before p90x and Insanity, but I know I have a huge head start on a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.

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