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Meaning of dreams: dream about your past

When you see dreams in which you live in your old house, wear old clothes, or are much younger, this means that you are repeating the (usually wrong) behavior that you had in the past.

Your dreams have a specific meaning, which you will be able to verify in practice once you learn the scientific method of dream interpretation, discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research, discovering more and proving that he really discovered the correct code. for the perfect translation of a dream.

I turned your complicated method of dream interpretation into a very simple and clear method of quick dream translation that even a child can learn. The language of dreams is like any other language made only by words. The difference is that instead of speaking through words, the wise unconscious mind speaks through images and scenes.

You will notice that the unconscious mind is your protector and sends you many warnings when you are wrong, when you are wrong and when you cannot see what is happening to you.

If you are living in a past situation in your dream, this means that you are still attached to your personality as it used to be when you lived the past situation in which you see yourself.

This is not a good sign, unless you were wise when you were younger, which is not likely. Usually, dreams about past situations remind you of your childhood personality, a time when you were too ignorant and did not understand the meaning of your behavior.

Your behavior reflects your mental health. If you are behaving like a child, it means that you are being dominated by your primitive side, the side of your consciousness that did not evolve as your human side that is sensitive and can discern what is right and what is wrong. Your primitive animal side is totally immoral, cruel and cunning like a wolf.

It imprisons you in false, inappropriate and ridiculous patterns of behavior, so that it drives you to madness and despair, completely destroying your human conscience, and in this way, completely controlling your behavior.

Never be indifferent to the warnings of the unconscious in your dreams!

If you are repeating bad behavior from the past, it means that you are in danger: you have to live in the present, and have better behavior, be more mature and more serious, so that you can escape from the traps of absurdity. side of your conscience, and from the traps of the dangerous world in which you find yourself.

Face reality and let go of your childish thoughts and feelings. Learn to automatically translate your own dreams the same way you learn to automatically translate from English to Spanish, and use this tool forever.

You will have constant advice and guidance in all aspects of your life. The unconscious mind will help you become more intelligent and find true happiness, without being threatened by hidden dangers like now.

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