Learn 4 Ways You Can Tidy Up Your Home To Reduce Stress

The natural urge to tidy up and start over comes when winter comes to an end and spring blooms. Getting rid of the heaviness of winter is an amazing way to start the new season, and shedding can be done in many areas of your life. The more you can order in all areas of your life, the newer and fresher the season will feel to you.

The benefits of tidying up the mess go beyond just cleaning the house and extend to our emotional health as well. When we order disorder, we are freeing up physical space, but also space in our minds. We will benefit from being able to concentrate better, think more clearly, sleep better and be more creative. Not to mention, we will have less stress than we know is so important to our physical and mental health. Remember, you can always gift items to those in need, sell them for cash, or reuse them. Either way, it’s a win for everyone involved.

Here are some ways you can order while it is still spring:

1. Begin at home. Clutter in your home creates clutter in other parts of your life. I know it can be hard to let go of things, but first start with the things that you are definitely ready to get rid of. It can be easier to do a big purge of those kinds of things and do a second purge of things that may take longer to sort and decide to separate later.

2. Documents If you have a mountain of documents, like old invoices / files, like I do, a new way of organizing these documents can start now. We live in a virtual world, so consider scanning and archiving your documents digitally to get rid of clutter and have a more productive plan for organizing your important documents.

3. Kitchen / Pantry. You most likely have a lot of half-used seasonings in your fridge. A clean refrigerator is a beautiful sight, so use this week to clean your refrigerator and restock it with fresh, healthy items!

Four. Routines Take this time to carefully observe your daily activities, responsibilities, and schedules. Is there something you can delegate to someone else to free up your schedule a bit? Can you combine responsibilities in a way that makes them faster? Get creative by putting it all on paper and seeing what can be modified to improve your daily life!

What are some ways you can get your life and home in order next week? Pick a day when you have some time and start ordering ASAP!

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