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Is it possible to undo your breakup and have your ex back in your arms? Read this to find out

A breakup can happen so suddenly that you won’t see it coming. Sometimes the cause of the breakup is just a simple petty fight, but it seems so hard to undo. Even though you wanted to undo the breakup and have your ex in your arms again, it’s quite difficult to formulate a plan, especially if your mind is clouded with your emotions.

If you are true to your feelings and wanted her back, here are 7 tips for you.

1. Accept the fact that you already broke up

While others are still in denial after the breakup, it’s best to accept the fact that you already broke up. It may be difficult for you to do it, but that is the reality and you can never get it back. However, with acceptance, you can start fresh and give your relationship a fresh start.

2. Admit your mistakes and be humble enough to say you’re wholeheartedly sorry.

After you agree to the breakup, be humble enough to admit your wrongdoing and tell her that you’re sincerely sorry for what you’ve done. Taking all the blame is the name of the game. She needs comfort because she feels betrayed, so you need to take all the blame and apologize. She will be relieved and moved by your action.

3. Do not constantly communicate with her

After you have humbly apologized, you should not annoy her by constantly communicating with her. Others may think it’s okay for her to frequently call or text her ex after apologizing; however, this will only cause discomfort. Instead, let her think and reflect on the situation so she can realize that you are a huge loss in her life.

4. Keep up to date with her through your mutual friends

Of course, if you don’t communicate with her, you will have no idea of ​​her current status or condition. The best way is to mingle with common friends to keep up to date. Just do it discreetly so they don’t notice you’re upgrading.

5. He appears in the places where he usually hangs out

Make it seem accidental that you also show up at the places where she usually hangs out. In this way, she will feel some kind of connection between the two of you because you both see each other often unintentionally, which is true only for her. This is a sneaky way of making her realize that you are for her.

6. Let him see you flirt with other girls

While you are in the same place with her, you can play a little naughty by letting her see you flirting with other gorgeous ladies. This will raise an eyebrow and she will definitely feel jealous. Her jealousy will make her realize that she still has feelings for you that she constantly denies.

7. Give her signs that you still want her back in your life.

While flirting, you should also send her signals that she is incomparable to other girls and that she is the only one you like. Take her out on a friendly lunch date and start reaching out to her again.

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