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Influence of tattoos and adolescents

Children these days are growing faster than ever. Mobile phones are among the most popular accessories for children up to the age of ten. But these days, mobile phones are not the accessory that stresses more and more parents, while tattoos are. Tattoos are increasingly found in teenagers. Why the obsession with tattoos at such a young age? From Mattel’s, Totally Stylin ‘Tattoo Barbie, which can influence kids as young as 5, to the newest temporary tattoos, to the hottest teen celebrities flaunting their new ink for our young generation, tattoos are seen on everyone. parties and among all age groups of children. . One state even started a new law as recently as July 1, 2010 due to the number of teens going to tattoo parlors to get tattoos.

In 2009, Mattel released a new Totally Stylin ‘Tattooed Barbie. The doll came with temporary tattoos for both the wrist and the child. It also included a tattoo gun in which the tattoos were to be applied. Many parents were outraged, but others saw the new doll as a sign of the times. Mattel kept the Barbie on the shelf due to the number of sales. Mattel believes that Tattoo Barbie gives girls the opportunity to express themselves. Many parents like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir children expressing themselves, but they believe that it may be in a different way than tattoos, especially the heart tattoo that bears Ken’s name. The tattoos of other important people are the most regrettable tattoo in the future. The discussion continues on whether these dolls influence children to get tattoos.

Another huge influence on teens and tattoos is the number of teen celebrities who put their ink on. Last year, at the Teen Choice Awards, which as its name implies, has an audience of between 11 and 17 years old, a Jonas Brother, a heartthrob among young women, was tattooed on stage by none other than the famous artist of the tattoo, Kat. Von D. It was not revealed to viewers on the show or at home that the tattoo was not real. Many parents were once again outraged.

While the Jonas Brother tattoo was not real, many teen celebrities have real tattoos. But they don’t just have tattoos, they love to show them off. Of course, the media also loves to show and point out celebrity tattoos. Justin Bieber, only 16 years old, already has his first tattoo. His family fully supported him in getting a tattoo at such a young age. In fact, they went on to explain that the bird tattoo Justin got was a family tradition. The other family members with the bird tattoo had them tattooed on their wrists, while Justin opted for the lower part of his stomach. Miley Cyrus, 17, already has at least two tattoos. Miley’s family also fully supported her decision to get a tattoo before she was eighteen. Miley was actually with her father who was getting a tattoo when he decided to get “love” tattooed on his ear.

Teen tattooing is such a big problem that some states have decided to ban minor tattoos under any circumstances. Many states allow teens to get tattoos with parental consent. However, in Minnesota, as of July 1, 2010, teens will no longer be able to get a tattoo even with parental permission. Minnesota believes that this new law will prevent teenagers from feeling the need to express themselves through a tattoo without thinking about the consequences later in life that tattoo could have. Minnesota does not dislike tattoos, but the state believes that a person must be an adult when making the decision to get a tattoo.

Whether it’s the influence of a doll, a teen celebrity, or another factor, tattoos are on the rise among teens today. Many teens believe that a tattoo expresses who they are, but they often get tattoos without thinking about the lifelong consequences. Many teens see getting a tattoo as a step to grow. States like Minnesota agree that getting a tattoo is a decision that an adult must make, so a law is passed that establishes it. Teens are easily influenced by their peers and celebrities and the number of teens with tattoos continues to rise.

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