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How To Use Psychological Tactics To Seduce Women – Sensible Covert Seduction Tactics You Should Know

Women are experts at playing with a man’s head. They do it by flirting a lot and instantly turn cold after they get what they want, be it a free cocktail or a ride home.

However, most women don’t let themselves be played and are therefore not used to it; so if you throw some of your own mind games at them, they’ll have no idea what hit them. Get ready to discover ways to delve into women’s minds and revolutionize your approach to dating with these great psychology tips…

How to invade female minds to make women fall in love with you through psychology

Tip number one: Cold reading. Approach a woman and pretend that you are about to tell her her fortune. Then state some basic, general facts that may be obvious to you while she was watching you from afar. I’m sure your accuracy will impress her.

However, cold reading requires men to truly understand women’s body language. You need to keep up with your words, especially if it involves palm readings that you plan to focus on. This would be ideal as touching women, even if it’s just their palms, will help you connect more with them and increase their attraction to you in an instant.

Tip number two: Games. Teasing and teasing women will cause them to behave badly on the outside; however, deep down, they really enjoy these fun games because they will feel that you can really understand their childish side.

Remember that the biggest sin when dating and seducing women is to appear boring. If you are able to bring fun and games into a woman’s life, then you will be able to appear interesting and for this reason, women will never stop liking you.

Tip number three: Mind Hacking. With high-quality hypnosis advice, you can get women addicted to you on an emotional level. This trick consists of making the woman happy and sad, as if she were in a live soap opera.

You must understand that all women feel the need to experience emotional dramas in their boring life. By giving her eventful events in her life, she will not be able to resist becoming emotionally addicted to you. Once this happens, you can make any woman do whatever you want.

Be careful though, as this particular technique has the ability to produce harassers of otherwise emotionally healthy women. So, if you want to put this tip into action, make sure you don’t mess up women’s emotions and just focus on making them fall for you. Exaggerating this advice could result in unwelcome disturbing situations. You have been warned!

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