How to put a baby to sleep: baby’s sleep routine

We have already talked in detail about how to make a baby fall asleep but before we talked about babies. As the baby grows, it shows changes in its habits and behavior. This change occurs at different stages and ages.

Once your child is around 3 months old, he is sure to show signs of a change in behavior. Once this happens, you will surely need to find new ways to deal with them. One of them is how to make a baby fall asleep.

Change method

When we talk about changing the method, we are not referring to changing it completely, but to making some modifications that help the child fall asleep. To begin with, we have to change the habit of putting the baby to sleep.

If he is 3 months old and you have been treating him according to the schedule, you should make sure he falls asleep. If this does not happen, then you have not run the routine correctly.

Read our previous articles to find out how to set the routine and how to do the sleep routine for your child. But for now, let’s focus on how to make a baby fall asleep.

What you need to do is watch out for any signs of drowsiness they show. These would be yawning, rubbing your eyes, etc.

When you see this, put them in the crib / basket and play a soft melody. You can gently caress her belly or stomach if you wish. But otherwise, you should not do anything else and let the baby fall asleep.

Hug with them

Instead of picking them up and carrying them, you should hug them. This would release beneficial hormones like dopamine that would lower the stress level (if any) and make the baby relax and calm down.

Talk to them

Research has shown that talking softly to babies has a very positive effect on their brains. They not only tend to be obedient, but also more cooperative and happy.

Saying phrases like “Baby! It’s time to wake up” and then waking them up in a shower of light, soft kisses is one of the best ways to deal with babies.


As always, patience is also a virtue in this setting. You don’t have to rush to put them to sleep or get frustrated if they can’t do it on their own. Allow them some time as you did before and they will surely adapt to this new method as well.

If you stay calm, give the baby some space, and follow the steps mentioned above, the process of how to put a baby to sleep will be much easier. Not only easier, but it would also be much faster than expected.

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