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How To Conceive The Gender Of Your Choice Of Ashley Spencer: Fake Or Real?

Ashley Spencer’s book How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice is one of the best books on the baby gender selection niche on the net. Another of the best on the shelf is “Prince or Princess” by Alicia Pennington and, of course, “How to choose the sex of your baby”, also known as “The Shettles Method” by Dr. Shettles. Hereafter there is a review of Ashley’s book.

Ashley treats baby gender selection in three main categories as most books on baby gender determination will not. The three categories are Achieving Correct Ovulation, Diet Control, and Sex Positions.

Under each group, Ashley tells you the do’s and don’ts of having a baby boy and the do’s and don’ts of having a girl. I must say that the book is not divided precisely into these three sections, but it is easily discernible for writers of the children’s genre.

What couples are asked to do is a piece of cake. In fact, they are things that you and I always do but in a different way. However, Ashley tells us how to do them, when to do them during sex-for-baby, in order to determine the sex of our baby.

ovulation and pregnancy

Ashley says that getting your ovulation day right is the cornerstone of baby prediction. The influence of the 24-hour window on the formation of the baby’s gender is well covered, as is material on pregnancy and the menstrual cycle. For women who don’t want to buy ovulation kits, Ashley provides telltale signs of ovulation. However, she tells him that these are not 100% accurate and that she will need ovulation kits compatible with these signs to get anywhere near 100% accurate.

diet management

In “How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice” by Ashley Spencer, different diets are discussed for different body pH conditions. She gives a list of foods that will make a woman’s body alkaline for a boy and those that will make a girl’s body acidic. Ashley is funny, she has some foods that she calls “Electric Foods” and others that she labeled “Problem Foods.” reduce her chances of determining the sex of her baby correctly.

baby sex positions

Ashley covers the effect of sexual positions, orgasm, and ejaculation on determining the sex of the baby. You have sexual positions for a baby boy and how the removable system will favor a certain sex. She categorically tells you why the usual missionary method will tilt the opportunity in favor of a girl and why the cowboy and doggy styles will favor a baby boy. Men have a bonus here; Ashley tells you about the sexual methods that put you in control when you do it.

Advantages of the book.

They are natural methods.

· It is not expensive.

· No visits to doctors. No drugs, no Chinese cards, etc.

The methods are obvious

no side effects

· Fun to perform. You have fun while you do it.

an impeccable book?

Definitely not. There is room for improvement, especially in the use of graphics to explain the different sexual positions. The book could also have had a more appropriate title with the word “baby” in the title, but having a family photo as the cover is recommended.

What I don’t like about the book.

Ashley writes with a certain cynicism. Her reference to Henry VIII and why pilots have more girls than boys, to me, takes some seriousness away from this issue of baby gender determination. For a mom who was willing to spend $100,000 to have a boy after three girls, Ashley must know that having a baby of choice is serious business. One would expect her to stick with her natural methods that work. However, if you’re the light-minded type, you might not see it the way I do.


Ashley’s book is largely based on what has been scientifically proven and is widely believed. Not a bad book on baby gender determination and with almost 12,000 couples as satisfied buyers working with a 95% success rate, you couldn’t ask for more. Even those high-tech methods that cost a fortune can’t do any better. To answer the question in the title of this essay, “How to conceive the gender of her choice” is real and not a scam. It is not false. With an armored guarantee of 60 days and a very affordable price, it is a good investment to choose the sex of your baby.

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